Thursday, 8 May 2014

2nd Annual Phoenix Comic Festival is a HIT!

On Saturday 3rd May, the combined forces of The Phoenix comic descended upon Oxford's Story Museum. Our mission: to unleash comic-related mayhem upon a legion of young readers.

It was a mighty, MIGHTY success.

For eight fun-filled hours Lorenzo and I joined our fellow creators to meet, greet and entertain an army of Phoenix fans. Aside from the workshops and talks and presentations and comic jams and sketch-a-thons and myriad other activities, the festival also saw the pre-release launch of the first two titles from the Phoenix Library: Bunny Vs. Monkey, by Jamie Smart, and Lorenzo's Von Doogan. Both brilliant adventures were literally flying off the shelves faster than they could be stacked!

Yes it was a great day, but in all cases such as these (and comics in general) pictures speak better than words. So without further ado, sit back and enjoy a small sample of the day's merriment.

Many thanks to the Phoenix team for creating such a wonderful event - a festival as unique as the comic itself - and for every one of you who turned up to have fun and say hi. Here's to next year - it's going to be a stormer!