Saturday, 10 May 2014

New Zealand, here we come!

We feel a slight apology is needed. In the excitement of working on our books and strips we somehow forgot to mention that we're about to head off on our most far-flung tour, EVER!

Yes, believe it or not, we're heading to New Zealand and the land of the Hobbits. Or, for those who remember our concept web adventure, The Lore of the Things, the land of the Hobbles. Here's Frofro Bagel with a quick reminder and a timely message.

We'll be appearing at the Auckland Writers Festival from the 13th-19th May, hosting school programme workshops and writing masterclasses, but we've two public shows on Sunday 18th, so to all our NZ readers and watchers, if you're in the area come on down and say hi. We'll be signing copies of all our books and generally having a ball.

We Etheringtons shall return soon with lots of photos to share and stories from the road. In the meantime, pick yourself up a copy of Von Doogan's first adventure. That should keep you busy till we get back!