Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Etheringtons Down Under - 1400 kids Live Show Special!

The main reason we traveled all the way to the other side of the world last month was to perform our live show at the Auckland Writers Festival. To perform five shows, actually, ranging from smaller hands-on masterclass sessions to absolutely MASSIVE gigs!

We'd barely recovered from the crazy jet lag before we found ourselves setting up in the monster ASB Theatre, in Auckland's premier venue, the Aotea Centre. Just look at this widescreen beauty...  

Without a doubt it's the biggest stage we've ever encountered, and the biggest crowd we've ever entertained with over 1400 children in the audience! Not only was it the biggest, it was also the friendliest. Right from the very start the laughter was flowing and everyone was involved.

Oh, and if you want to know what 1400 children going completely bananas looks like, here you go ... absolutely amazing.

The signing queue that followed was like a flash mob!  

On Sunday we performed public shows in the Herald Theatre. Another completely amazing turnout kept us giggling as we high-kicked our way through two breakneck shows and another round of wonderful signing sessions. We made so many friends on this tour and we're both delighted to know that scores of new readers have been introduced to the fun of Monkey Nuts and Baggage and comics in general.  

After all that WORK, a drink was in order! Now, we're rather terrible at snapping pics during the parties and events we attend at these festivals (far too busy gobbling finger food and quaffing wine) but here is a rare shot of us relaxing, following the main gala event. You can barely tell the jetlag has turned us into zombies!

A thousand thanks to festival organisers, Anne O'Brien, Mel Weeks, Jennifer Duval-Smith, Phil Evans, and all the scores of festival support staff who made our live tour such a successful and well run affair. We love you guys!

Just one more NZ report to come later this week ... and it's all about the FUN...