Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Age of Extinction has arrived!


1. an apparatus for reducing or increasing voltage of an alternating current.
2. a person or thing that transforms something.
3. a robot in disguise.

YES!  Robots in Disguise!  They're back!  And they're riding Dinobots!  Wait ... what???

That Optimus, eh? What a card.

It's true, everyone's favourite displaced Cybertronian warriors (both good and evil) are back with a new summer blockbuster and a brand new comic line.

Transformers Age of Extinction Issue 1 has just hit the shelves, and it features a movie prequel story written by Robin.

Adrift in Time and Space finds Optimus Prime and former Decepticon, Drift, sifting through the wreckage of the Ark. The last thing either 'bot expects to unearth among the debris is the recently destroyed body of Drift's former colleague and friend, Knucklehead. The tale of this warrior's last days begins long ago, in the distant, distant past ... during the great war for Cybertron.

You can grab a copy of issue 1 from any newsagent, supermarket, petrol station or kind friend ... or failing that order yourself a subscription HERE!

More Transformers news soon!