Thursday, 7 August 2014

Long Gone Don: The Monstrous Underworld - Out NOW!

It's Long Gone Don publication day! HOORAY! HOORAY!

Launching a new comic book is a lot like releasing an animal that's been bred in captivity, back into the wild. As a creator you've grown your comic, nurtured the story, encouraged the characters' early steps, watched it grow, and change shape and size and, pretty soon, develop a life all of its own.

So it was with Malcolm Magic, Monkey Nuts, Baggage, Yore, Doogan, and now Don. Back in May 2011 Lorenzo and I started putting together the first concept work for the cast who would eventually go on to populate the strange land of Broilerdoom. Three years and three adventures serialised in the pages of the mighty Phoenix Comic later, and Lorenzo and I can safely say that our charges have found their feet.

And today you can all enjoy the debut tale of young Don and his best friend, Castanet, as it was intended to be experienced, in our first full length Long Gone Don graphic novel.

Long Gone Don: The Monstrous Underworld is available absolutely everywhere that good books are sold - and if your local book shop, comic shop or library doesn't have it in, just ASK! They can order absolutely ANYTHING, and they need to know that great comic book adventures exist for all ages.

Alternatively you can purchase Long Gone Don online at any number of book-selling sites, including...

The Phoenix Shop - BUY IT HERE
Amazon - BUY IT HERE
Waterstones - BUY IT HERE

If you have a son, daughter, nephew, niece, cousin, brother, sister, friend or loved one aged 7-70, give them a summer holiday gift of giggles. Trust us, you won't regret it. And if you like what you discover behind that beautiful cover, then please spread the word.

We'll be celebrating Don and his tall tales all month, so stay tuned for LOTS more goodies and treats.