Monday, 15 June 2015

At LAST! Our Phoenix Fest 2015 show report!

Last month saw the third and MOST EPIC Phoenix comic festival yet, held at the Story Museum in Oxford. We Etheringtons were there doing our ridiculous thing, but we were one tiny part of an incredible weekend of attractions which bedazzled the hundreds of children (and parents!) in attendance.
For starters, the young Phoneix fans had the chance to meet the creators of all their favourite comic series, face to face, including Jamie Smart, Laura Ellen Anderson, Sally Jane Thompson, Jess Bradley, Zak Simmonds-Hurn, John Dickinson, Jamie Thomson, Neill Cameron, Adam Murphy, Jamie Littler, Dan Hartwell, Gary Northfield, oh, and us chumps!

But that was just a part of it! Those in attendance had the opportunity to help their favourite characters solve an epic mystery, become royalty, go on an adventure through time, fight a robot invasion, and learn absolutely everything there is to know about creating the very bestest comics in the world ... EVER!

So yes, it was amazing, and being a part of it felt every bit as magical for us as it was for the young readers in attendance. Massive thanks to The Phoenix (read their report on the fest and see MORE pictures HERE!) and The Story Museum for putting on a day so full of wonder and fun that everywhere you looked, all you saw was this... 

And sometimes, if you looked in the other direction, you saw this...

Stay tuned to the blog this week for announcements about more Etherington Brothers festival appearances coming this year!