Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Introducing Looga and Barooga!

Happy New Book(s) Tuesday, everyone!

Today I have not one, but TWO new creations to present. So, without further ado, welcome to the world of Looga and Barooga!

Together with long time friend and expert comic cohort, Zak Simmonds-Hurn, I am delighted to announce my latest comic series, brought to you by Oxford University Press. I've wanted to produce a comic for younger readers for a long time - something that five and six year old children could really jump into and enjoy - and the fantastic editorial team at OUP gave me just that opportunity.

But WHO are Looga and Barooga? Well, this is Looga.

Looga is a very brave girl with a wild imagination. She can conjure an adventure from a rubber duck. And yes, she wears a teddy bear onesie. All the time. Even in the bath.

Barooga, on the other hand, is a very scared monster. The world is full of experiences that terrify him, or he just simply doesn't understand. It's up to Looga to help him out. But her imagination is as likely to get this pair into trouble as it is to save the day!

Zak is one of the most talented comic artists I know, and this marks our third collaborative project. His pages are simply beautiful, so let's enjoy some of the visuals without my pesky words getting in the way!


Looga and Barooga: The Treasure of Soap Island and Looga and Barooga: The Day the Sky Went Boom! are both available to preorder from Amazon now, HERE and HERE, and will be released in September. 

I'll be back with more information around launch day. 

- Robin!