Monday, 24 August 2015

Edinburgh Festival 2015 show report!

Yes, as you can tell from the humbling tweet above, we're back from Edinburgh having performed our whirlwind comic masterclass, and what fun we had!
The show itself saw Robin once again defying the rule that you can't go skydiving and talk about the fine art of making comics at the same time...

...and after the dust had settled we rocked over to the signing tent where we were greeted by a monster queue of our finest fans!

But the fun didn't end when the last book was signed, as Robin and I headed into the city for an evening of comedy, dinosaurs, epic burgers, torrential downpours, giant purple cows and plenty of other things in between! Huge shout outs to Beth Bottery from the Scottish book trust, Superbolt Theatre for their sublime 3-person performance of Jurassic park, The Phoenix and DFB Books for getting us there, and all at the Edinburgh Literature Festival for having us once again do our noisy thing!


P.S. Stay tuned to the blog this week for an update on our upcoming festivals over the next few months, PLUS a new festival date to be added!