Thursday, 8 September 2016

IT'S FREAKY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations.  You made it.

You survived till Thursday without going POP from excitement which means you did better than US!!!

Freaky & Fearless 2: The Art of Being a Freak has arrived.  Now we can start the party!
You want to know what it's all about???  Okay, here's the official word on the street:

"Simon Moss and Whippet Willow are heading off to the woods for an Explorers' Camp weekend.  They'd rather be at home reading comics, but it should take their minds off the super-weird events of two weeks ago.  They haven't seen Lucy Shufflebottom since their destruction of the Snotticus monster, and Mossy's superpower hasn't worked since then either, so maybe it's time to move on. Lake Shore must be monster-free by now!  Anyway, with caveman-like Ted Recks (AKA "T-Rex") as camp leader, the boys will be more than safe this weekend ... right? 


Luckily for Simon and Whippet genuine help is closer than they think, and their combined talent for Telling and Drawing stories is about to become very handy indeed. 

With out-of-this-world artwork by Jan Bielecki, FREAKY & FEARLESS is a fun-filled series like no other!"

Oooooooooh ... sounds good!  Now, let's take a look at some of that artwork, shall we?
THAT is the good stuff!

If you're aged between 7 and 70 and are a fan of action, adventure, oodles of comedy and bucketful's of spooky stuff, then this is the book series for YOU!

Younger readers be warned: this book contains a lot of awesomeness. Maybe ... maybe too much.

GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY! The Freaky & Fearless books are available from all good book shops (if they don't have it in stock ask them to order it ... then ask them WHY it's not in stock!!!) OR you can order it online HERE!

Have a Fearless day, and we'll be back with more Freaky news soon.