Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Three new interviews to listen to!

We have THREE audio interviews for you to enjoy, today, in which we talk about all aspects of our creative process.

The First is one from last year's Nottingham comic con, which can be seen HERE.

The Second is a radio interview we did at the ICE comic con, which can be heard HERE (go to  1h:46m:28s for our interview)

The Third is a BBC interview, which can be listened to HERE, and on which Robin has this comment:

"Who likes a laugh? Everyone? Good, because it's your lucky day. Following my extremely enjoyable schools' show at this year's Edinburgh International Book Festival, I was asked to meet with the BBC, as part of their L.A.B. project. L.A.B. is a superb initiative that introduces school pupils to the wonders of all aspects of the media from script writing and radio production, to animation and photography. 

My involvement was to be the subject of an interview with three pupils from St Mark's Primary School. A RADIO interview, note, which was perfect as I had JUST come off stage after jumping around, high-kicking and generally going nuts on stage for an hour. No time to change or catch my breath. 

The last thing I needed was to be caught on camera. And the LAST thing I needed was for someone to catch me on camera, select the worse frozen moments, and then animate my mid-interview face into a slideshow.
But sometimes ... just sometimes ... the last thing you need is EXACTLY what you get."

Lorenzo's note - if you want an alternative set of pics of Bobby's amazing face to look at while listening, please scroll down :)