Thursday 13 April 2017

I'm completely TAKING OVER the cover of THE PHOENIX for FOUR WEEKS!!

Remember I mentioned a few weeks ago that The Phoenix Comic had given me the most awesome commission of my career?

Well today I can now reveal that the powers that be over at The Greatest Weekly Comic in the World came to me with a proposition: That for FOUR WEEKS in a ROW I could COMPLETELY take over the cover of the comic. And their one editorial note? "Go NUTS"

So that's exactly what I've done.

If you want to get this VERY special collection of covers, then you have just about 7 days to GO HERE and get ALL FOUR COLLECTOR ISSUES including 4 weeks of my tutorials, AND Von Doogan, plus 140 pages of incredible COMIC for £1!!

And if you like this style, I think you're probably going to like my Art of Stranski KICKSTARTER which is running HERE right now :)