Thursday, 24 August 2017

Fanart and Reader Tutorial art roundup AUGUST 2017!

OMG, we've been getting sent some AMAZING work by you guys recently, including epic fanart, amazing tutorial-inspired drawings, and Kuretake inkings!

I'm awarding three TOP DRAWS this month, for those going the extra mile! First is to David Campbell for his AMAZING Stranski fanart, second is to Jack Wood for his INCREDIBLE Von Doogan Special mission AND his EXCEPTIONAL Von Doogan costume, and third goes to CAT on Twitter, who is working her way through EVERY TUTORIAL and posting up her drawing from each one! This is what it takes, people!

If you want to see more, here's our... FANART ROUNDUP for JUNE 2017

MASSIVE thanks to you all for sharing your work with us, you don't know what it means to get all these awesome creations every week, and if YOU want to see your Etherington Brothers fan art and tutorial art here on our blog, just send it through to us via our TWITTER, or INSTAGRAM, or email it to us at :)