Saturday, 7 October 2017

Wonderful Stranski musings by Nick Prolix, Panel x Panel and ReaditDaddy!

As our new Kickstarter is well underway (THANK YOU everyone for giving it such an amazing start!) I wanted to share with you guys two wonderful pieces written about my previous Kickstarter, The Art of Stranski. MASSIVE thanks to ReaditDaddy and Nick Prolix, for not only taking the time to share their feelings about the books, but also for communicating their own versions of what Stranski is to them in such a beautifully descriptive  and compelling way. Stuff like this is what keeps me drawing at 3am in the morning :)

You can read the Readitdaddy review HERE!

And Nick's review appears in this month's copy of PanelxPanel magazine, and you can read it on his site HERE, or you can scroll down for a sample below!


And Stranski will return :)