Monday 1 January 2018

How to THINK when you draw VINTAGE SPACE BIKES tutorial #LEARNUARY day ONE!

Okay, here we go! #LEARNUARY day 1!

Let's kick this thing off with my 100th tutorial - which looks at how to THINK when you draw VINTAGE SPACE BIKES!

Remember, a LOT of EXTRA CONTENT for #LEARNUARY is going to be going up over on our  INSTAGRAM and TWITTER, so be sure to check out what we're posting up over there during the next 31 days!

Tutorials BOOK coming to KICKSTARTER March 2018, just mail "Add me, Lorenzo!" to to be on the launch day mailing list - best chance to get ORIGINAL ART with your books :)  
If you want to know how to draw LOADS more stuff, here's a link to
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