Monday, 14 May 2018

OMG. Announcing... STRANSKI MODEL KITS!!!!!!!

So so so so so SOOOOOOO excited to reveal today that for the past few years I've been working in secret on a set of authentic STRANSKI MODEL KITS! These 1/24-scale BEAUTIES are being made in collaboration with two of my FAVOURITE CREATORS - the INCREDIBLY TALENTED character modeller, ANNA SCHMELZER, and the SUPREMELY CLASSY producers of the very FINEST model kits, INDUSTRIA MECHANIKA!

The kits are currently deep into development, and you can see renders of each figure, and register to be notified when pre-ordering becomes available, on the Industria Mechanika site RIGHT HERE!

Stay tuned VERY CLOSELY to OUR INSTAGRAM and OUR TWITTER each week from now on, for reveals of renders, artwork and photographs for each model kit as we approach release!