Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Due to HUGE RISES in the cost of PAPER globally, my tutorials and Stranski books will be going UP in price from £20 to £25.

Hey guys, I'm so, SO sorry to say, that due to the widely reported inflation of paper prices globally over the past 12 months, the cost of manufacturing my kickstarter books has jumped up massively. Due to this, I have no option but to put the per-book cost of my tutorials books and Stranski books UP from £20 each to £25 each.

I've always tried to make my books as affordable to as many of you as I can, and I know this price increase will mean some of you won't be able to afford a book, and I'm so sorry about that. HOWEVER, all our content will remain FREE online, forever, so even if you have to miss out on the books, you'll still be able to access all the content.

Thanks, and sorry again for this!