Friday, 1 February 2019

What the WHAT?!! We're NOT going to announce our Kickstarter ANYWHERE online for the ENTIRE first TWO WEEKS after it goes live!!!

We're doing something crazy.
When our multi-book KICKSTARTER launches NEXT MONTH (on a top-secret date) we're NOT going to announce it ANYWHERE for the first TWO WEEKS after it goes live! NO blog posts about it, NO tweets linking to it, NO Instagrams listing the tiers, NO tumblrs showing the books ... NOTHING!
The ONLY WAY to get in and back the campaign on that crucial secret launch fortnight is to JOIN THE SECRET LAUNCH MAILING LIST! You'll get a message at some point during that fortnight with a secret link to the campaign!
Just mail "Add me, Lorenzo!" to to be on the list!

NOTE: If you've joined in the past, you're already on it!