Wednesday, 6 November 2019

THOUGHT BUBBLE EXCLUSIVE NUMBER FOUR (of SIX!)! Your choice of one of THREE SUPER-RARE Stranski PRINTS, FREE with every copy of The Art of Stranski!

THOUGHT BUBBLE exclusive number 4 (of 6)!

We have some of the LAST COPIES IN EXISTENCE of our RAREST BOOK OF ALL - The Art of Stranski and we're bringing them to THOUGHT BUBBLE! This book is not going to be available anywhere else for a loooong time!

Not only that! But with EVERY copy sold at Thought Bubble THIS WEEKEND, you'll also get the custom 3D Stranski Glasses included, but you'll ALSO get your choice of one of THREE out-of-stock Stranski PRINTS!

We're on table 111 in the COMIXOLOGY HALL at Thought Bubble, the FIRST TABLE through the MAIN ENTRANCE to the hall!
And get ready, because we're annoucing a show exclusive EVERY DAY in the lead up to the show - next one coming tomorrow!