Tuesday, 14 January 2020

#LEARNUARY DAY 14 - Writer becomes artist in ONE session? How?! HOW?!?!

Here at Etherington towers, we take #LEARNUARY seriously ... and by that I mean we LOVE sharing our ideas about creativity. This process of improvement is a two-way street and, as a writer, I often find I need to move away from my disciple to gain inspiration to return to the desk with energy and passion. I like drawing, but I only do it for fun, and I have a LOT to learn.

With that in mind, my five-year old boy set us an art challenge: to draw the most ROCK image we could imagine.

My boy: A glam-rock Megatron, playing an electric guitar.
Me: A skeleton playing the drums, sitting atop a flaming skull that's mounted on the front of a jet, which is flying through an electrical storm.

The results can be seen below. We gave this one our all, using a host of #LEARNUARY tips and tricks, and most importantly we had a BLAST!


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