Thursday, 6 May 2010

An Etherington Sister

Right, take your hats off and sit down, 'because I have some exciting news!Yesterday morning, several thousand miles away from this studio, my dear bro got married to his beautiful girl Mimi in the baking hot sun of Las Vegas!


Ever the effortlessly cool couple, they kept it a secret from all but a very few close family members, and are now on a honeymoon roadtrip adventure to beat all others, cruising route 66 in a ragtop Mustang and (I hope) getting up to all kinds of scrapes and capers.

I just wanted to send them both a HUGE amount of love and say that I couldn't be happier for them!

Stay safe, and crank the tunes, peeps!


P.S. Now hurry up and get back home bro, the studio ain't right without my best bud tapping away on the keyboard beside me!