Friday, 7 May 2010

Huge new online comic...

Okay, this is the BIG one.As you know, in three weeks our massive sketchbook is released, September sees the launch of Monkey Nuts: The Diamond Egg of Wonders, and in Spring 2011 Baggage comes out. We're also about to sign contracts on another new series of books which will be something different again, but more of that at a later date.

So, we're pretty busy.

Perhaps then, what you wouldn't expect in the middle of all this would be for us to launch a totally free online comic adventure of seriously epic proportions.

But that's exactly what we're gonna do.

GO HERE, where you can follow the action using Google, Yahoo, Twitter AIM Netlog or OpenID and see the whole thing unfold.

More news VERY soon, and if you're REALLY smart, you might even be able to twig what it's all about. My Precious.