Friday, 28 May 2010

Exclusive new print being released in upcoming ink-dot exhibition!

More new stuff! Well, I'm very proud and excited to announce that I'll be releasing a brand new limited edition print as part of the awesome Ink-Dot Escape exhibition, which opens here in Bristol on June 17th in the Howies gallery on Queens Road.

Anyone who remembers the last ink-dot exhibition just before Christmas will know how exceptionally high the standard of both the art and the prints are in these shows. If you're free on the evening of the 17th then I thoroughly advise that you head down, and head down EARLY, as there were queues all evening to get in to the last launch night.

Those of you who can't make it to the show, or live outside the UK need fear not though, as the prints will be available to buy through the Ink-Dot site once the show launches. The prints are being produced by those extremely talented gents at Hello Blue, and will be high definition giclee prints on beeeeutiful 315gsm 100% cotton, acid and bleach free archival quality paper. Seriously, those guys make niiiice product!

In the meantimes, enjoy this little sneak-peek at a few details from my print, I'll show you a little more sooooon, and if you just can't wait, there are a few of my Stranski prints still left from the last show, which can be bought through our brand new store HERE!

Oh, and don't forget to drop by the DFC stand at the MCM expo this weekend!