Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mcm Expo and a couple of pieces of Etherington-inspired art!

Hey guys, just to remind you that if you're around in London this weekend we'll be appearing on the DFC/DFB Library stand at the MCM Expo! We'll be sharing the stand with some super-star creators from the DFC, so please, come along, pick up a copy of one (or all!) of the books, and chat with us!

Secondly, I have a few very cool pieces of art to show you by some pretty darned talented guys! Firstly, Andirasper over on the CA forums saw THIS and it inspired him to do THIS! Flippin' Awesome!

Then, long time Etherington buddy Dylan was so taken by THIS FELLOW, he created THIS GUY! Holy-moly, look at that beak!

Amazing stuff guys! Very glad our mad scribbles in some way helped get the ole' creative rivers flowing!

More soon!