Saturday, 4 September 2010

Got it, Read it, Loved it - TELL THE WORLD!

Our very first Amazon review for Monkey Nuts has dropped, a mere two days after the book has been released, and it's a corking FIVE STAR SENSATION!

And here they are in all their glittery magnificence...

(Sigh) ... what a sight for sore eyes...

If you've now got your book, or are planning to purchase a copy in the future, and you feel like spreading the good word to those readers yet to discover the delights of the Sid, Rivet, Chief Tuft and the Isla de Monstera, we'd be delighted if you'd take a second to post your thoughts on Amazon.

One of our main goals is to try and reach as many new and reluctant readers as possible and every review encourages children and adults alike to take a chance on something unknown and exciting.

Your opinions are worth far more than ANYTHING we can say about our own work (obviously!) so go out and tell the world!