Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Would you please be upstanding ... for the Bride and Groom!

Some weddings are special because you know the couple getting hitched.
Some are special because it's family.
And some are special because they ROCK from start to finish!
Lorenzo and Esther's wedding managed to combine all three in magnificent style.

It was without doubt the greatest bespoke event in the history of bespoke!
Firstly note the bunting above (over 100ft of it, all made by Esther!).
Then take a look at the place settings, designed by Esther (note the chair covers handmade by Esther's Mum!)...

The flowers (all grown by Esther's Mum!)...

The table plan made by Lorenzo (along with the invites, party favour bags and a ton of other details!)

Like the moustaches and glasses? So did we? 80 handmade by Lorenzo! MADNESS!

My awesome brother and his gorgeous wife treated their guests to a wonderfully unique day in the beautiful Welsh countryside, but dressings, design and details aside the VERY best thing about Saturday the 18th August was watching these two get wed. It was one of the proudest moment of my life and I hope they're thoroughly enjoying their honeymoon.

One last pic? Alright!
Here they are kicking up their heels in a breathtakingly awesome first dance (sorry for the blur but they were spinning too fast).

Welcome to the family, Esther! It's a mad house but a good 'un!