Monday, 6 September 2010


So, as readers of our BLOG will know, I got married last week! Yay! What an amazing day, I can't describe how it felt, just so wonderful and so many of our great friends and family there to enjoy it with us. As soon as I've got the official pics back I'll post a few in here!

In the meantime, whilst I was away Monkey Nuts and the Diamond Egg of Wonders hit the bookshops, and if you buy it from THIS SITE you can get FREE DELIVERY to anywhere in the world!!!!! I'm not kidding! Go to it!

Today let's start the week with something a bit different, though, here's a little character sketch from my "Been writing it for years really need to start drawing it now" personal project, which goes under the working title of Stranski.

Back soon with a few dates for public appearances we'll be making with the Monkey Nuts book!