Friday, 3 June 2011

Brand New Clone Wars comic hits the shelves!

Every new edition of Titan's Clone Wars comic should be greeted with joy, but those episodes featuring a story written by yours truly should be greeted with triple joy, back flips and extended air guitar solos!

And guess what? Yep, it's time to grab that pretend Stratocaster, Flying V or Gibson Les Paul and strum your hearts out! Issue 21 is an Etherington special!

So what's in store?

"The Feral Queen sees Ahsoka on a dangerous mission to protect the Felacatian royalty from heavy enemy bombardment - but will the Jedi find she is surplus to requirements?!"

Oooooh - there's action, intrigue and shape-changing adventure, all delivered with delicious style from the pencils of Andres Ponce. Andres and I have collaborated on a number of Star Wars tales and his work goes from strength to strength with every issue.

As a little bonus for you all, below are two rare pencilled pages from the new story. WHAT AN EXCLUSIVE!

You can grab a copy today from any self respecting newsagent or supermarket, or better still, you can place a subscription HERE and never miss an issue again!

- Robin