Tuesday, 7 June 2011

"If you can't say something NICE..."

"...don't say NOTHING at all." Wise words from the mouth of an animated rabbit (Thumper, from Bambi - for those of you taking notes).

Of course, the opposite is also true, and here at Etherington Towers we are firm believers that if you have something nice to say ... SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!

We were overjoyed therefore to discover an entire family had reacted so positively to Monkey Nuts that they'd felt compelled to pop a storming review on Amazon. Here are some delightful extracts: 

"We bought 'Monkey Nuts' and my boys fought fiercely over who was to read the book first. It had to be withdrawn until they had reached a happy agreement."

"My 8 year old thought it is 'The best book I have ever read' and has asked for the next one, yet to be published, for his birthday several times an hour since."

"We are 4 new Etherington converts ranging in age from 8 to 50 and will be following their publications closely from now on."

Now isn't that nice? And for those of you wondering, age 8-50 is our intended readership. We aim to please the whole family and, based on this evidence, we sometimes succeed!

Click HERE for the full review!
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- Robin