Friday, 22 July 2011

Dandy Readers rise to the Yore challenge!

A short while ago the UK's Dandy comic ran a fantastic YORE competition, in which readers were asked to design a monster capable of scaring Piggy, Elfin and Doombar. No mean feat, I can assure you!

After many lengthy debates ten fantastic entries were selected for display in this week's issue.
Here's a little taster of their genius.

Heaps of creative praise are now raining down upon the shoulders of Hamish, Brooke, Adam, Joseph, Joshua, Liam, William, Toby, Flynn and the mysterious tenth entrant who forgot to write their name down (doh!). Well done, one and all.

And remember, folks: today's competition entrants are the comic creators of tomorrow, so rush out, buy a copy and check out the future talent on offer.