Sunday, 24 July 2011

When Writers Draw they Draw Themselves...

A little light relief for a Sunday evening. I found this picture while sorting through my computer's incredibly messy photo files and thought it was worth sharing.

Over the course of the 2011 Bristol Comic Expo, our good friend Jess Bradley ran an activity called Draw Yourself As A Zombie. It proved to be immensely popular, and when she reached our table Lorenzo leaped instantly into action, desperate to capture the essence of his zombie self.

But then something strange happened. For the first time in YEARS I felt compelled to have a scribble myself.

And so, behold ... my first ever pic on our blog!!!

(From left to right: Me, Lorenzo and Jess)

I have to admit I was rather pleased with my effort. Sure, Lorenzo's had cool bone-framed glasses and glowing eyes, but my pic featured an arrow, a sticky plaster and a chunk of exposed brain! Ahem.

More VITAL news as it breaks.

- Robin