Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Astounding Stranski fanart by the AWESOME Ben Caldwell!

Getting a piece of fanart =  WIN
The subject of which is STRANSKI  =  +100 WIN
By one of your favourite artisits = +500 WIN + bonus HUMBLE WIN

All these things together in one awesome bundle = SUPER-HAPPY-FUN-TIME-BIG-BIG-WIN!!!

Yes that's right! The ridiculously talented Ben Caldwell sent me through this frankly awesome Stranski fanart yesterday, and I have to say - HOLY GOOD GRAVY! Ben's work is ridiculously good, and I've been a long time fan of his superb creator-owned project The Dare Detectives. To see his exceptional take on the world of Stranski has blown me away! Thank you bro!!!!

Click the pic below to see the art in all it's glory!