Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Get Ready Scotland ... It's SHOW TIME!!!

1 Plane
2 Comic Book Adventures
3 Hotel Breakfasts
4 Days of Non-Stop Giggles
5 Trains
6 Fully Booked Shows
...and 1000+ children!!!

This is how to rock the Edinburgh International Book Festival, ETHERINGTON style!

If you managed to catch any of the Edinburgh action in 2011 you might remember that Lorenzo was in the hospital so he couldn't make the festival. You may also remember that we'd only published Monkey Nuts at that point. You might even recall that I solo hosted just three shows.

Well, we've literally DOUBLED everything for our 2012 Scottish tour!

We'll be bringing Baggage and Monkey Nuts to three outreach shows at schools across Fife on Thursday 23rd; we'll be ceremoniously opening a brand new School Library and hosting a show in Falkirk, before returning to Edinburgh to do a second show for the RBS Children's Programme on Friday the 24th; and finally we're going to end in grand fashion with a sold out public show on Saturday 25th.

Epic is too small a word...

And the good news keeps coming as my wife will be joining us and is appearing with her own book on her own panel!

We look forward to seeing you all there. It's going to be HUGE.

- Robin