Saturday 29 May 2010

Urgh! And Yay!

So, I'm in a bad mood today because I woke up as sick as a dog, and have not been able to go to MCM! Robin is there though, and is no doubt having a lovely time with all the DFC-ers!

So, to make myself feel a bit better I wanted to post up this absolutely AWESOME visual response to our new sketchbook that was sent to us by lovely gal Jen Smith, who we met at bristol last weekend.

Thank you Missy, you ROCK!


Friday 28 May 2010

Exclusive new print being released in upcoming ink-dot exhibition!

More new stuff! Well, I'm very proud and excited to announce that I'll be releasing a brand new limited edition print as part of the awesome Ink-Dot Escape exhibition, which opens here in Bristol on June 17th in the Howies gallery on Queens Road.

Anyone who remembers the last ink-dot exhibition just before Christmas will know how exceptionally high the standard of both the art and the prints are in these shows. If you're free on the evening of the 17th then I thoroughly advise that you head down, and head down EARLY, as there were queues all evening to get in to the last launch night.

Those of you who can't make it to the show, or live outside the UK need fear not though, as the prints will be available to buy through the Ink-Dot site once the show launches. The prints are being produced by those extremely talented gents at Hello Blue, and will be high definition giclee prints on beeeeutiful 315gsm 100% cotton, acid and bleach free archival quality paper. Seriously, those guys make niiiice product!

In the meantimes, enjoy this little sneak-peek at a few details from my print, I'll show you a little more sooooon, and if you just can't wait, there are a few of my Stranski prints still left from the last show, which can be bought through our brand new store HERE!

Oh, and don't forget to drop by the DFC stand at the MCM expo this weekend!


Wednesday 26 May 2010

Mcm Expo and a couple of pieces of Etherington-inspired art!

Hey guys, just to remind you that if you're around in London this weekend we'll be appearing on the DFC/DFB Library stand at the MCM Expo! We'll be sharing the stand with some super-star creators from the DFC, so please, come along, pick up a copy of one (or all!) of the books, and chat with us!

Secondly, I have a few very cool pieces of art to show you by some pretty darned talented guys! Firstly, Andirasper over on the CA forums saw THIS and it inspired him to do THIS! Flippin' Awesome!

Then, long time Etherington buddy Dylan was so taken by THIS FELLOW, he created THIS GUY! Holy-moly, look at that beak!

Amazing stuff guys! Very glad our mad scribbles in some way helped get the ole' creative rivers flowing!

More soon!


Tuesday 25 May 2010

We Etheringtons have been called many things over the years.  Without consulting the extensive list we’ve compiled since primary school, I can safely predict that both ‘UPBEAT’ and ‘POSITIVE’ feature quite highly. Possibly even in the top ten.  Certainly above ‘LIVELY’ but not necessarily outranking ‘SONOROUS’.  But why, as mere fledgling authors, are we so perpetually optimistic?  Lots of very good reasons as it happens, not least of which is the ever-growing, ever-improving number of self-published creators that are emerging on the UK’s small press and independent comic scene.

Last weekend saw the annual Bristol Comic Expo, a convention that has been running in one form or another, for many, many years.  We’ve been attending since 2003 and have watched as the show, organised by the marvellous Mike Allwood, has gone from strength to strength.  But despite the big name pulls, Bristol has always been a vital sounding board for new, upcoming talent.  The sheer number of writers and artists who’ve cut their teeth at this event then progressed to the professional arena is amazing, and the latest batch of creators are some of the best we’ve ever seen.

Firstly, take the ridiculously beautiful Birdsong/Songbird anthology from Failboat Press, featuring Will Kirkby, Nikki Stuart, David O'Connell, Sarah McIntyre, WJC and Naniiebim.  DFC fans will recognise Sarah as the DFC talent behind Vern and Lettuce (her collected hardback volume will follow Monkey Nuts this Christmas) and the ridiculously talented Warwick Johnson Cadwell has been a friend of the Etheringtons for many years.  But this was my first introduction to the work of Will, Nikki, David and Naniiebim and they have each wowed me.  So much so in fact, that we’ll be contributing a page to a future Birdsong volume.

I also encountered the Bearded Skull crew (David Clifford and Jamie Lambert) creators of the thoroughly enjoyable Dexter’s Half Dozen, a WWII romp that’s part Indiana Jones, part Where Eagles Dare, and part pure joy. Hurry up with Issue 5 boys! I’m hungry for more.

There was so much great material to view, including countless superb portfolios (Jenny Clements – start making your first comic NOW!), that I can barely process it all. 

The future of British comics looks to be in safe hands ... and that's reason enough to smile.

Monday 24 May 2010


Okay, let's do this.

Following the launch of the book at the Bristol Comics Expo this weekend (where we sold out of our stock!) I'm very proud to announce that my massive 600 page El Sketchbook Lorenzo Deluxe Collection: 2005 - 2010 is now on sale online through our brand new store HERE!

This book is a monster, packed with literally thousands of separate illustrations, sketches, concepts, design sheets, tutorials and comic pages, many of which have never been seen before! Monsters, robots, grrrrls,  entire worlds, it's all in here for the extremely affordable price of just £24.95. The book is available worldwide, and as it's printed in a number of locations across the globe, you won't have to pay too much for delivery, no matter where you live!

If you needed any further convincing, check out this little preview, which barely scratches the surface of what's contained within the book's pages! And if you want to see even more, check out Jamie Smart's awesome review of the book HERE!



Friday 21 May 2010

Bunny Boiling Bargains!

As promised in our last post, here is a little last minute t-shirt news.
This weekend all attendees at the Bristol Comic Expo will be able to get their sneaky mitts on an exclusive Etherington Brothers offer.
Yes, as seen modelled above by good self, a 'Stunned Bunny' Malcolm t-shirt will be available for the bargain price of £9.95 when purchased with any copy of 'El Sketchbook Lorenzo: Deluxe Collection', 'Malcolm Magic: The Big Kahuna Collection' or the 'Sasquatch' anthology.

Available in a child's size, ladies small and medium, and men's medium, large and x-large, we've got the fit for YOU!

So don't be shy, stop by and say hi.  You will also be able to preview the complete 'Monkey Nuts' Book 1, get all your books signed and sketched and learn all about the Lore of the Things, Baggage and much more.

See you soon, folks!

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Vegas, baby!

Just a super quick announcement to say that my amazing wife, Mimi, and I have now returned from our sneaky elopement to the US of A, broke and jetlagged but supremely buoyant in spirit!

Below is an accurate representation of my current mood.

Lorenzo has been keeping my little seat warm in the studio (with his feet - nice) and we're now ready to turn the Etherington creativity amp all the way up to 11!

First stop - the Bristol Comic Expo this saturday. Come meet, greet and get your hands on some joyous swag (Special Limited Edition T-shirt deal to be announced shortly).

Right, better get back to work - these comics won't write themselves!


Monday 17 May 2010

The Lore of the Things: Exclusive character shot!

Happy Monday! Let's kick this week off with a something special - a sneak-peek at one of the cast members from The Lore of the Things, our epic new online comic adventure!
Want to know what it's all about? Well just head over to the Lore of the Things site HERE, where you can follow the action on Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Google, Yahoo, Aim, Netlog, OpenID or Deviant Art!


It's gonna be a weird ride!


Thursday 13 May 2010

They put me on the cover of a M.A.G.A.Z.I.N.E.

Whoop! The cover of the latest issue of the awesome Venue magazine features an exclusive design drawn by yours truly featuring a big blue APE-THING!
Inside you can also read a little interview with me rambling on about all things comic related, as well as lots of info about the upcoming Bristol comic con (less than two weeks to go!).

Many thanks to the lovely guys at Venue for allowing one of my characters to dance all across their product!

More very soon, including a sneak peek at a character from The Lore of the Things!


Monday 10 May 2010

Baggage: FIRST LOOK!

So, here we go, we've been working on this book for over a year now, and I'm approaching the halfway mark on the artwork, so I thought it was time we showed you a little teeny-tiny teaser from inside the book.
And here, for you blog followers is also the lineart, shading and colour blocking stages as a special exclusive just for you!

More big news very soon!


Sunday 9 May 2010

The sketchbooks are in!

We've just taken delivery of the stock of copies of our new 600 page sketchbook that we'll be releasing at the Bristol Comic Expo on the 22nd of this month!
We're only going to have a limited number of the books at the show, so turn up early to avoid disappointment!

The book will become available worldwide online on Monday 24th of this month, stay tuned for an announcement and details of where you can get the book!

Oh, and we'll be giving you the first sneak peak at some artwork from Baggage next week! Check back in soon!


Friday 7 May 2010

Huge new online comic...

Okay, this is the BIG one.As you know, in three weeks our massive sketchbook is released, September sees the launch of Monkey Nuts: The Diamond Egg of Wonders, and in Spring 2011 Baggage comes out. We're also about to sign contracts on another new series of books which will be something different again, but more of that at a later date.

So, we're pretty busy.

Perhaps then, what you wouldn't expect in the middle of all this would be for us to launch a totally free online comic adventure of seriously epic proportions.

But that's exactly what we're gonna do.

GO HERE, where you can follow the action using Google, Yahoo, Twitter AIM Netlog or OpenID and see the whole thing unfold.

More news VERY soon, and if you're REALLY smart, you might even be able to twig what it's all about. My Precious.


Thursday 6 May 2010

An Etherington Sister

Right, take your hats off and sit down, 'because I have some exciting news!Yesterday morning, several thousand miles away from this studio, my dear bro got married to his beautiful girl Mimi in the baking hot sun of Las Vegas!


Ever the effortlessly cool couple, they kept it a secret from all but a very few close family members, and are now on a honeymoon roadtrip adventure to beat all others, cruising route 66 in a ragtop Mustang and (I hope) getting up to all kinds of scrapes and capers.

I just wanted to send them both a HUGE amount of love and say that I couldn't be happier for them!

Stay safe, and crank the tunes, peeps!


P.S. Now hurry up and get back home bro, the studio ain't right without my best bud tapping away on the keyboard beside me!

Tuesday 4 May 2010

4 Months until Monkey Nuts Book 1!

Okay folks, the countdown has begun, we're just 4 months away from the release of Monkey Nuts book 1: The Diamond Egg of wonders!You can pre-order the book NOW from Amazon HERE!

Here's a new piece of MN artwork to celebrate!

Oh, and check back in soon, as I have some VERY exciting news coming up...!