Thursday 29 April 2010

Jamie Smart and the Big Sketchbook

So, as you know, we'll be launching our Massive new 600 page Deluxe Sketchbook at the Bristol Comic Expo on Saturday 22nd May.While we were adamant that no copies of the book would go out before that date (the book goes on worldwide release on Monday 24th May), there are some people to whom you never say no!

So when Jamie Smart asked us for an advance copy, and requested we do a little doodle of a few of his characters in it, we said HELL YEAH! Jamie is a long-time Etherington Bros buddy, and not only are we very proud to know a guy as ridiculously talented and prolific as he is, we're also very glad to be able to call him a friend. Jamie has posted up a very lovely blog about the book, and has even posted a load of photos from inside it, so those of you wanting a sneak peek had better check it out HERE!

THEN go check out Jamie's world HERE, it's massive, sprawling and not a little bit weird, just like we like it!

Oh, and Jamie has a very VERY exciting new book coming out from Scholastic in called Find Chaffy, expect a rather special piece of Etherington Bros fan art soon...!

Monday 26 April 2010

One Man Army SOLD OUT!

Hey folks! Well, my One Man Army exhibition has just come to an end, and the guys at the gallery have just let me know that it was a full sell out show, with every piece being snapped up!That's very awesome. Apparently this is the first sell out show the Weapon of Choice gallery has had, so I'm super-chuffed to hold that title! The exhibition was also given the honor of being #2 in the top ten arts and music events on it's launching weekend in Venue magazine.

Here then, is another step-by-step of one of the works that was in the exhibition, entitled "Gentlemen, I have some Important News". It's about A2 in size, and was drawn using black and white Molotow markers.

Oh, and you can also read an interview with me about the show and my work in the excellent WOC magazine HERE.

TONS more big stuff coming very soon!


Friday 23 April 2010

‘Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue.’

At first glance it may seem rather strange to open this post (all about the joy of sharing comics) with a Victorian matrimonial good luck saying but please bare with me a moment. Introducing the world of sequential storytelling to a classroom of sugar-addled children, a well-meaning friend, a tolerant family member, or a bemused stranger on the street, has always been a pleasure. But now, thanks to a myriad of recent movie adaptations, there’s a growing interest in this material among the general public. As such I’ve had many more conversations recently that feature the question ‘well, okay, so, like ... what would you recommend I read?’

And thus my original and FUN reading list technique (the first to incorporate a popular bridal idiom) was born!

Something old – is a recommendation of a comic book/series that you read a long while ago. Perhaps something from your childhood but only if it’s been handily collected into a single volume. Nothing says ‘this person should be avoided’ like a huge pile of dog-eared single issues from the 80’s.

Something new – seems pretty self-explanatory but I choose to interpret this as a new find, rather than a recent publication. I’m always more enthusiastic when I’m lending a good book that I’ve only just discovered myself, regardless of when it was released. Seriously, you should hear my praise for Garfield.

Something borrowed – ah, yes, bit of a guilty one. Over the years I’ve borrowed a number of great comics from friends which I’ve, er, forgotten to return. But this just proves how good they are, right? Yeah, well, spread the love and lend them to a new reader.

Something blue – I’m certainly not inferring that you recommend an overtly adult comic book, or even a particularly depressing tale. I just like the colour blue. Any titles with blue logos, covers or character costumes work here. And before you scoff, Watchman fits this bill rather nicely. So do the smurfs.

Oh, and for the purists out there, I know there’s a third line to the original phrase, but I couldn’t make it work! If anyone can apply ‘And a silver sixpence in her shoe’ to my theory, I’m all ears.


Hey folks! A little Friday sketch fun here, my take on a few of Marvel's finest, and Wonder Woman, 'cos she's a cutie!



Monday 19 April 2010


A clunky ole' robot here, one of the prints from my OMA show. This baby also appears in my massive new sketchbook!


Friday 16 April 2010

Mozolith Book One out NOW!

So, I'm a little late with this one, due to being busy working on Baggage, but here we go! The second book in the DFC Library is out now, and boy, it's a doozey! Mezolith by Adam Brockbank and Ben Haggerty is quite simply awesome!Beautiful art, fantastic stories, basically it's an incredible achievement, as anyone who has seen any of the pages from this book will testify.

Mezolith was of course launched in the DFC, but until you've seen it printed on the beeeeutiful paper stock of this new Hardback collection, you haven't truly experienced it. We were lucky enough to pick up a signed copy at the launch of the book, but for those of you who still don't own a copy, you can get it now on Amazon HERE.

To celebrate the launch, and hopefully in some way spread the word, I present here a piece of humble fan art, enjoy!


Wednesday 14 April 2010

Welcome readers, new and old, old and young, to the first in an irregular series of Etherington blogs designed to fit nicely around our regular updates, and to discuss the brighter side of comics. The more observant among you might even recognise the title of this post, as it initially featured on ComicWorldNews, where I held a short-lived column before the site sadly closed in 2008 (I do hope the ol’ Etherington family curse wasn’t responsible ... again!)

Well, the kind folks of the former CWN (gawd rest its soul) have allowed me to resurrect the name and continue to fight the good fight. What a lovely bunch they are.

Anyone familiar with Monkey Nuts, Malcolm Magic, Tusk, MOON! or the forthcoming Baggage graphic novel will know that Lorenzo and I take the art of being silly seriously. We specialize in telling entertaining tales wrapped in thick layers of fun. And it was partly due to this inherent sensibility that I chose to centre my original column solely on the positive side of the industry. There’s more than enough web wordage devoted to negativity but we Etheringtons are all about the FUN. And our sort of fun looks a lot like this.

Over the coming months I’ll be dipping my toe into the warm waters of a wide range of comic-related bits and bobs. From superb shops, to brilliant books; from amazing writers and artists to the joy of sharing comics with family and friends; from events and panels to the past, to the present and on into the future.

And I’ll always – always - be focusing on the most smile-enducing, sky-punching, air-guitar riffing and high-fivingly GOOD side of this biz. Because as far as we’re concerned comics have never been so much fun...

More soon!

Monday 12 April 2010

MASSIVE 600 page sketchbook being released at the Bristol Comic Convention in May!

Well, I've been wanting to tell you all about this one for AGES, and I finally got the proof copy back, so I can officially announce that we'll be releasing a HUGE new sketchbook at the Bristol Comic convention in May!
El Sketchbook Lorenzo DELUXE COLLECTION: 2005 - 2010 collects together the first 4 volumes of the El Sketchbook series, and adds a further 200 pages of new concepts, scribbles and design sheets. The book weighs in at a whooping 600 pages, and features thousands of separate illustrations, together with step-by-steps, tutorials and exclusives.

This baby is, quite frankly, a monster, and we've managed to keep the price super low at just £24.95, which we think is pretty darned good value for book of this size!

The Deluxe Collection will be on sale on our Stand at the show on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd May, though numbers of books at the show will be limited, so turn up early to avoid disappointment! The books will be released worldwide on Monday 24th May, though we won't be offering our "Kustom Sketch" service on this one, so if you want it sketched or signed by us, then get down to the show!

Click the poster to learn more!



Friday 9 April 2010

Mezolith Book Launch

So, Bob and I were lucky enough to be at the Mezolith Book launch last night, and what a lot of fun it was! Sarah McIntyre (genius creator of the DFC's Vern and Lettuce amongst other children's book-based delights) has blogged about it, so I'm going to shamelessly steal one of her photos and then point you in the direction of HER BLOG ABOUT IT to see more and read all about the night.

Oh, and buy Mezolith HERE, because frankly it's incredible, and I don't say that lightly! I'll be posting a bit of fanart up for the book very soon!
This pic from the night shows a whole host of DFC creators together:

(Front Row) Adam Brockbank and Ben Haggarty (Mezolith), (Back row) from left: Your pal Lorenzo, Dave Morris (Mirabilis), Sarah McIntyre (Vern and Lettuce), Emma Vieceli (Violet), David Fickling (publisher), Patrice Aggs (The Boss), James Turner (Super Animal Adventure Squad, John Aggs (John Blake, The Boss), and finally Robin!


Tuesday 6 April 2010

One Man Army show photos

Hey folks, here's a few snaps from the opening night of my One Man Army exhibition, thank you SO much to all the good folks who came down on the night, it was extremely cool to see you all! A very special thank you also goes to my bro, who curated the show for me, and did a spectacular job. All that, and he'd only accept beer as payment! Cheers Bobby!

We were totally blown away by the response to the work, with about eighty percent of the show having sold by the end of the opening weekend. The exhibition runs until the 24th April.

BIG news coming very soon for all you sketchbook fans!!!