Thursday 29 July 2010

20% Off until 01/08/2010

Okay folks, you're gonna have to move fast to take advantage of this one! We're offering you 20% off El sketchbook Lorenzo Deluxe collection and/or Malcolm Magic Big Kahuna Collection until 01/08/2010. That's a massive £4.99 off the sketchbook alone! Just GO HERE, choose the books you want and enter the code "TWIST" at checkout to make your lovely big saving! You're welcome!

Wednesday 28 July 2010

When Pen meets Paper - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Today is a GOOD day. And not just because the A-Team movie is finally dropping in the UK and we've got tickets!

Regular readers might recall us mentioning a potential Etherington Brothers illustrated novel series that had been in development for a while. Like every creative endeavor it has taken time to mold this project into the perfect vehicle to satisfy our comic and storytelling sensibilities. We set out to create a series that WE'D have been desperate to read as young boys and our fantastic editor David Fickling has been instrumental throughout the process. It's an absolute delight to team up with David and Random House again and follow Monkey Nuts and Baggage with the first two titles from our forthcoming (ongoing) children's series. 

Yes, that is my actual hand signing the paperwork this afternoon!

So what (baring the NAME of the series) can we share about our latest literary foray?
Will the books be jam-packed with action and adventure? My goodness, yes.
Will the books be filled with page after page of illustrative wonder courtesy of Lorenzo's scribbling paw? Oh, like never before!
Is this a permanent departure from the world of comics? Not in the slightest!

This is an exciting undertaking for our little studio but the fun of sequential storytelling is in our blood. As such these books will contain more than their fair share of speech bubbles and comic panels! 

Young and old alike - you're in for a treat!

(Those with a criminal leaning will be annoyed to discover we've partially deleted, adapted and reconfigured the sig. Ha!)

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Interview in Imagine FX

Hey-hey folks!

The latest issue of the awesome Imagine FX has a full-page article/interview with me about my 600 page El Sketchbook Lorenzo Deluxe Collection sketchbook!
Go out and buy a copy of the mag, then why not treat yourself to one of my monsterous sketchbooks ;)


Friday 23 July 2010

There is a land I'd like to tell you about. It's a land where comics and graphic novels flow like colourful, stapled and papery water. A land where over 4800 new comic books were published last year alone. Where national comic sales topped 40 million. Where individual book sales of 300,000 copies weren't the stuff of fevered dreams, but a cool reality enjoyed by a good number of creators. Where passion for quality and quantity is matched by a living wage and a professional, structured industry.

I am talking, of course, about FRANCE!  
Terre du libre, à la maison du courageux!

From late 2005 to spring 2007 I lived in France simply drinking in the immense volume of comic material on offer. But it still wasn't until a recent trip to Brittany that I was made aware of just how accepted and available this wonderful storytelling medium has become. See fig 1 below.

This is me gurning away beside the BD section in a NEWSAGENTS ('Tabac' for those with a continental leaning) in the tiny fishing village of Douarnenez. A town about the size of Falmouth. A small place. Very small. And just LOOK AT ALL THOSE BOOKS! Wow...

Today, dear France, I salute you ... you're one more reason why comics have never been so much fun!

Friday 16 July 2010

It has come to my attention this morning that Lorenzo and I, although united in theme and purpose, often apply ourselves in quite a different manner. Where his day is enviably structured, mine remains adroitly chaotic. Where he is inspirationally diligent, I become distracted with stupefying ease. Wave a hobnob in my direction and all concept of prose and plot goes out the window. Sad but true.

Yet there is one aspect of the creative process to which we both adhere with unflinching, blinkered joy: the development of stories and characters that both satisfy AND subvert expectation.

To demonstrate, let's all take a look at this lovely piece of art from Tom Gauld.

This is a good list. An amusingly rendered collection of well known character types for a certain genre.
Using this as a basis Lorenzo and I would apply our unique take on just a single individual, thus:

Robin - Hmmm, I'd like to have a 'Birdman' in our next adventure but let's make sure he can't fly.
Lorenzo - Ha, he's a Penguin birdman!
Robin - No, wait, he's a penguin keeper! Who discovers that one of his charges can fly.
Lorenzo - But I'd still like him to be a BIT penguiny. Around the beak.
Robin - Yeah, sure, that goes without saying.

And there's just no distracting either of us when we're in THIS zone!

Except perhaps with a Double Decker ... or a Twix...


Thursday 15 July 2010

Wednesday 14 July 2010

A little sketch...

Here's a little sketch I recently did in one of my big 600 page sketchbooks for our good friend Julie over in Paris. It's a little like my old One Night in the City stuff, for those of you who remember...

Next up, Lore of the Things Episode 2!


Tuesday 13 July 2010

Cracking News, Gromit!

Tuesday is rarely a day for great news. The best thing one can normally say about Tuesday is that it's not Monday. However all that changes TODAY as I am delighted to reveal that I've joined a stellar team of writers working on the Wallace & Gromit daily cartoon strip for the Sun Newspaper!

Well there's a turn up for the books, eh, lad?

Eh, lad, indeed. My first weekly adventure drops in a couple of months so I'll give fair warning nearer the time but I was too excited to hold the announcement back any longer.

It's wonderful to be involved in a genuine British creation, especially one as loved as these two plasticine pals!

Now where did I put that wensleydale?...


Monday 12 July 2010

Baggage hits the Top 20!

You've got to love stats. Especially when they work in your favour!

Following on from Lorenzo's earlier announcement, we were delighted to see Baggage leap into the Amazon Top 20 bestselling Children's Graphic Novel list at 14, and the Top 100 for Graphic novels in general!

Nope, we have NO IDEA how their system works but we're not complaining! It's jolly nice to rub shoulders with the big boys. Especially when your book is yet to possess a cover!

More amusing news as it breaks!

BAGGAGE available for pre-order from Amazon NOW!

Just a little teaser for those of you who like to be ahead of the game on things! BAGGAGE is now available to pre-order from Amazon RIGHT HERE!

But you can start your collection much sooner than that, as MONKEY NUTS: The Diamond Egg of Wonders is published in 6 week's time! 



Wednesday 7 July 2010

ESCAPE lineart

Here's the main character lineart for my print from the Howies-ink-dot ESCAPE exhibition.
You have until the 11th of this month to get down to the Escape exhibition at the Howies gallery here in Bristol. To see the print in full colour and learn more about how to order it online just go HERE!

And don't forget, on Friday 23rd of this month I'll be back at the Howies gallery with a new painting for another group show, this time with the Weapon of Choice guys. I'll also be drawing live on the opening night, directly onto the walls of the gallery, along with NINE other ridiculously talented artists from the street scene. It's gonna go OFF. Details of the night HERE!


Monday 5 July 2010

Rainbow Orchid Fanart

So, today is Rainbow Orchid day, which can only mean that volume 2 of Garen Ewing's SPECTACULAR comic series has been released! To celebrate, I offer for your eyeballs my take on his lead character, Julius Chancer...
There really is nothing I can say about this series other than it's fantastic, wonderfully told and exquisitely illustrated. The fact that Garen is a thoroughly nice guy with a very generous attitude towards other creators and a real passion for making comics the way they should be made just makes it all the better. So GO HERE and buy a copy, then GO HERE and buy a copy of volume One if you don't already have it. Ant then, GO HERE to Garen's fantastic site and dance around in all the goodness on offer!


Thursday 1 July 2010

The Lore of the Things Episode 1!

So, here we go. The Lore of the Things, the brand new FREE online comic adventure from us Etherington Brothers is now live!


We won't say too much about it at this stage, other than that you have some treats a-coming! We've got quite a bit of the story prepped, but as we're currently in the final 8 weeks of production on our new book Baggage, the strips to begin with will drop every two weeks or so, just to keep the whole thing regular.

But to paraphrase the great adventure to which we now align ourselves...

"New episodes are never late, Frofro Bagel, nor are they early, they arrive precisely when they mean to."


Lorenzo and Robin!