Friday 26 September 2014

Wednesday 24 September 2014

INCREDIBLE colour versions of my robots by Etienne St-Lauren - PART TWO!

Part two of my showcase of the epic coloured versions of my designs by Etienne St-Laurent! You can see the full set on his DA page HERE! Massive respect, Etienne!


Friday 19 September 2014

Good words for Long Gone Don from UtterBiblio!

Dan over at Utterbiblio very kindly took the time to give Don a thumbs up review earlier this week, and we wanted to share it with you! You can read the full review HERE, just scroll down until you see the Don cover. Many thanks, Dan!


Wednesday 17 September 2014

INCREDIBLE colour versions of my robots by Etienne St-Laurent - PART ONE!

Remember THESE AMAZING COLOUR VERSIONS  of my concept cars from last month? Well, the exceptionally talented artist behind them, Etienne St-Laurent, is back with some astounding colour work on my Wooden Robots...

In fact, these are so good, I'm going to split them into two posts, with part 2 coming next week. A huge thanks to Etienne for working his magic over my lineart and creating something truly new in the process. Oh, and you can see my original lineart below!


Monday 15 September 2014

The Etheringtons Live @ Cheltenham Festival - Tickets available NOW!

If you are free and up for some fun, Lorenzo and I will be travelling to Cheltenham for the annual Literature festival on the 4th October to perform our live show shenanigans in conjunction with the mighty Phoenix Comic, and generally have a hoot.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cheltenham, is a cracking festival, with a huge array of talented writers and speakers, comedians and performers, for adults and children alike. Lots to see, lots to do, lots of inspiration for young minds and old. And they have a rather tasty green room for the attendees too...

Even more awesome than free cake (!) is the fact that this festival will mark our very first public signing session for Long Gone Don. Everyone present will be able to get their copies of the Monstrous Underworld, and Von Doogan's first amazing puzzle adventure, sketched and signed by us both. WHOOP!

And if that's not a reason to get out of bed and travel to Gloucestershire, then I don't know what is.

Hope to see you on the 4th of October! Tickets are selling fast but there are still some available HERE!

Friday 12 September 2014

Fine review for Long Gone Don on!

Those good folks over at the awesome Page45 independant comic emporium have taken the time to write a great review for Long Gone Don. You can read the full review HERE (scroll down until you see the Don cover) and you can buy Don through the page 45 store right HERE.


Thursday 11 September 2014

Brand New Release! Let's Make Comics - OUT NOW!

It's been a busy production year for us Etheringtons, with the release of the first Von Doogan and Long Gone Don graphic adventures, new book covers from Lorenzo and dozens of comic stories all over the place (not to mention all the projects we CAN'T yet talk about).

But now we're another exciting new book title to announce, and this time for our youngest readers.

Today sees the release of Let's Make Comics, published by Oxford University Press as part of their Reading Tree inFact range. It has been written by me and illustrated by the ever-fantastic Zak Simmonds-Hurn.

This colourful fun-filled guide was created to give younger readers, aged 4-7, a great introduction to making and creating a comic strip story. Through ten easy-to-digest chapters we cover the basics from Bright Ideas to Bubbles, from Scribbling to Sound Effects, and every page is lovingly brought to life by Zak's fantastic art ... and our very own superhero bear, Captain POW!

We'll be sharing more samples and news about the book later this month, but if you've a young son, daughter, nephew, niece, brother or sister who loves to draw and write, THIS little book holds the key to opening their minds to the excitement of comics. And that's no bad thing!

You can order individual copies via Amazon, and a mixed pack for your school (including five other amazing books!) via the OUP site HERE!

- Robin

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Friday 5 September 2014

New book cover with art by Lorenzo

The excellent novel The Boundless was released yesterday, and it comes wrapped in a brand new cover by yours truly. This is one of the last few book covers I completed before stopping undertaking such work to focus on my own series. I have one more book cover to show you, but it's a bit of a biggie, and is thus protected by an epic non disclosure agreement at the moment, so I can't say any more just yet!

For now, here's some pics of the colour variations the Boundless cover went through, and the final design...


Tuesday 2 September 2014