Friday 26 November 2010

There's something in the alley 2

Another shot from THIS PROJECT, about which we can say nothing at the moment...

Happy Friday!


Thursday 25 November 2010

Happy Brithday William!

So, it's another birthday today! Our big bro Will is on his way to Castle Etherington as we speak, and us three bros are gonna be shuffling off to a little cafe down in the village to enjoy some fine dining to celebrate! In the mentime, happy birthday bro, here's Gobble with a piece of "cheesecake" for ya!

Lorenzo and Robin!

Something new is coming ... and it's gonna be FUN!

It's been a whirlwind fortnight here at Etherington Towers! We've had birthday celebrations, my playstation broke (again), er, Lorenzo ate some cheese ...

Okay, so perhaps it hasn't been a whirlwind in the normal sense, but in the comic sense, great things have been happening. And in true cartooning form I'm going to leave it up to a picture to share our great news.

Yes, it's TRUE! In 2011, we Etherington Brothers will be bringing our very own brand of comic mischief and adventure to the pages of the longest-running children's comic in the WORLD!

It's impossible to explain how darned exciting it is to join the ranks of talented folk working on this title -  including fellow DFC Alumni, Jamie Smart (comic guru and all round nice guy) hero-from-our-childhood, Lew Stringer (he's drawn about a billion funny comics but I'll always remember Combat Colin in the back of Action Force/Transformers as a personal fave) and HARRY HILL!

We cannot yet say anything specific about the nature of our new story, but rest assured, it's going to be something special. I mean, when do we ever disappoint you guys?

So get your pocket money ready and your face set to grin. A new weekly dose of Etherington adventure is on the way ... and only in The Dandy!

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Huge Christmas sale - 25% off El sketchbook Lorenzo!

Okay folks, this is it, the big Christmas offer. Not sure if we'll ever do this again, but from now until 29th November you can get a whopping 25% off my huge 600 page Sketchbook!

If you know a comic art lover that you think deserves this mighty tome for Chrimbo, then this is the deal for you. You can also get this saving off our lovely 320 page Malcolm Magic comic book - the one that started it all! Simply  GO HERE, choose the books you want and enter the code "CYBERUK" at checkout to make your lovely big saving! Enjoy, my friends!


Monday 22 November 2010

Happy Birf-day, baby!

It's my wonderful girl's birthday today!! Happy birthday, baby, I love you soooo much! As is traditional at these times, here is a pic of my girl surrounded by a menagerie of ridiculous animals!


Friday 19 November 2010

There are a handful of international creators currently working in the world of comics who always, always, ALWAYS have the power to get us Etheringtons excited. And of those outstanding writers and artists few have as much pull as the pairing of Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa, creators of the outstanding series Sky Doll, the supremely popular W.I.T.C.H franchise and the Monster Allergy graphic novels.

I remember first stumbling upon their work in a fantastic comic shop in Lausanne, Switzerland. The energy, design, colour palette, personality and story telling of Sky Doll just blew me away and I've since sought out every french and english incarnation of the books (if you're listening, guys - hurry up and finish volume 4!)

It's a special day, therefore, when a new book arrives bearing the name of either creator, and Barbucci has just delivered some extremely tasty goods!


Now I have absolutely NO idea what this series is about as I'm yet to get my hands on a copy and painstakingly translate it (with the semi-tolerant help of my french-fluent wife) but this is my kind of pretty!

Here are the opening pages for your pleasure - you can probably see why Lorenzo and I love this stuff...

The book is packed with all kinds of high-octane nonsense and outrageous invention. Barbucci is a masterful artist (and, rather annoyingly, a very talented writer) and this 128 page beauty looks really rather darned marvelous!

Look at this pencil magic... 

If you are searching for originality and wonder in the world of comics (and you own all OUR books - hoho) then Chosp is sure to please.

And don't let the fact that it's in French bother you. Language barriers collapse under the might of sequential story-telling ... which is one more reason why comics have never been so much fun!

Thursday 18 November 2010

Ink Dot Exhibition - time, date and details!

Hey folks, in a follow up to THIS POST I wanted to drop in and give you all the final details for the Ink-Dot Tonic exhibition I have a piece in. The opening night is Thursday 2nd DECEMBER at Colsten Hall here in Bristol from 6pm to 8pm*. There'll be wine, peeps, top notch art, a live jazz band and lots of general goodness, so please, come along, bring your friends and shoot the breeze!

The exhibition then runs until 2nd January.

See you there!


* Whilst I've been been told these are the private view times, the gallery will be staying open until the close of the whole venue, and there is a bar right there... so there really is no necessity to rush off home. Stay... mingle!

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Probably the Best Job Ever?...

The keen eyed among you will probably have noticed that we don't often post about everyday life, but today something has been brought to my attention that made me laugh so hard I just HAD to share.

This morning, over coffee and peanut butter on toast in bed (well, in a mug and on a plate, actually) my wife was casually perusing the Bristol Arts job section. I was in the front room busy typing away as we Etheringtons are currently working on some exciting new comic projects ... but we can't talk about those for a while.

Suddenly I heard the eruption of a broad witch's cackle. The laughter continued and continued and eventually threw me into a complete state of discombobulation ('confusion' - good to see my word of the day toilet paper earning it's pay at last). Inquiring as to the cause of the hilarity, my good wife choked back the giggles and pinged me a link to the website in question ... where I too paid witness to the two most tragi-comic employment opportunities ever created.

Grotto Elves
Job Type: Temporary/Seasonal
Location: Yeovil
Salary: Undisclosed
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: Fixed Term - 6 wks
And yes ... I think you ALL know what's coming next...
Job Type: Temporary/Seasonal
Location: Yeovil
Salary: Undisclosed
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: Fixed Term - 6 wks
Brilliant, hilarious, and yet strangely saddening at the same time. After all, Bristol prides itself on its thriving, contemporary art scene and these were the ONLY positions available ... and they're not even in Bristol!!!
And just what sort of 'undisclosed' salary can an Elf expect in Yeovil? I'm half tempted to apply just to find out if they pull minimum wage...

Monday 15 November 2010

Stranski Character 13

It's Mooooooonday! Hope you're all having a relatively pleasant time back in your studios/offices/places of learning. It's a chilly winters' morn here in Castle Etherington, so what better way to warm the ole' cockles than with a brand spanking new piece of Stranski art? Here ya' go!

Want to see all of the previous Stranski pieces so far in one place without having to trawl through this ole' blog/thread? Just go HERE!


Friday 12 November 2010

Print Exhibition invite to you ALL!

Hey folks! Just wanted to invite you all to the opening night of a print exhibition that I have a new piece in. Thursday 2nd December is the date for your diaries, and the mighty Colston Hall in Bristol is the Venue.
Once again my work is appearing along with a host of extremely fine illustrative talent as part of a totally new series of prints, put out by Ink-dot and Hello Blue. The time for the opening night hasn't been finalised yet, but it'll be in the evening, and it'll be awesome as usual. My piece in the show is an exclusive new Stranski-themed print and, as I'm sworn not to show it here until the show has opened, I thought a big colourful pirate cockerel might get your attention just the same. So I drew one of them instead.

Stay tuned for more details, and if you're stuck for Christmas prezzie ideas in the meantime, why not treat your loved ones to either THIS PRINT or THIS PRINT which are still available in limited numbers from my previous shows! ;)


Thursday 11 November 2010

Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival

Back in late October, Lorenzo and I were invited to take part in the Crystal Palace Children's book festival. Now in it's second year, organised as before by top writer and all round nice guy, Alex Milway, the day was a blast from start to finish. But we forgot to take any pics ... except this slightly blurry shot of our breakfast...

Now, courtesy of top young photographer, Emily Grew (who was extremely busy snapping away while we were causing giggles and mischief) we can share some candid moments from our workshop. It was a blast!

Lorenzo and I were on serious finger pointing duty...

...which quickly encouraged the children to join in with some top quality hand raising (that boy in yellow is jumping out of his seat!)

After sharing our thoughts on original story telling with all those young, and older minds, we set about signing and sketching books - which is ALWAYS fun. 

Lorenzo takes more time to customize a book than me (and he's a FAST scribbler) so while he worked away on the last copy, I chatted to fellow comic guru, Gary Northfield - seen just out of shot clutching his own marvelous book, Derek the Sheep.

A final HUGE thank you to Emily for these shots - here's a last pic of me gurning and proudly displaying her very own signed copy of Monkey Nuts!

The day was fantastic from start to finish - we Etheringtons look forward to returning next year when the festival promises to be even bigger and better.

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Monkey Nuts Panel break-down

Here's a 4-stager of a panel from Monkey Nuts: The Diamond Egg of Wonders which you can have delivered for FREE anywhere in the world through THIS STORE! Enjoy! And you can read a load of reviews of the book in the last month or so's posts on our blog HERE!

More new stuff in just a moment!


Monday 8 November 2010

Stranski Character 12

Just another Stranski piccie today to start the week right! Enjoy!


Thursday 4 November 2010

Strong With The Force, Is THIS One...

It's always a particularly enjoyable week when a new issue of the Clone Wars comic drops. I'm a huge fan of the animated series, with its action-packed, character-driven tales of Jedi derring-do, political intrigue and all out war! The UK comic (now appearing on news stand shelves across the US) has been a perfect companion to the show and it's with utter pleasure that I continue to write new adventures for the heroes and villains of this immense universe.

Issue 6.13, out NOW from all good newsagents and supermarkets, is no exception...

'The Guns of Nar Hekka' follows a deadly Jedi mission, as Yoda and Obi-Wan infiltrate a Hutt stronghold in a desperate attempt to neutralise a starship-destroying weapon. Can diplomacy win out, or will Yoda be forced to show his more aggressive side ... oooooh, he's a tricky little green prune, that one.

To ensure you never miss another issue, subscribe HERE and join the good fight!

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Stranski Character 11

Hey folks! Here's another piece from my Stranski Comic Book project. Stay tuned for news of a brand new Stranski print being released soon!


Monday 1 November 2010

MCM Expo Report and Pics!

WHOOP - that was a BIG weekend! Every May and October the Excel Centre in London plays host to the MCM Expo, a HUUUUUUUUUUGE anime/manga/games/movies/comics event celebrating the coolest side of the visual arts in all their varied incarnations. It is attended by 40,000 fans, many of whom are devoted cosplayers, and the range and quality of handmade costumes is truly something to behold.

Lorenzo and I have been lucky enough to be a part of the MCM Comic Village since the beginning (superbly organised by Emma Vieceli, whose collected volume of Dragon Heir is really rather wonderful). Back then there were only a handful of comic folks in attendance ... but now ... well just look at this!

The Expo is a very bright and cheerful event (I've never seen so many people so happy to part with so much money!) and it certainly helps if your books are vibrant. We were extremely pleased to find ourselves positioned next to fellow DFC stars, Neil Cameron and Sarah McIntyre and directly opposite master craftsman, Garen Ewing. What an amazing wealth of talent!

Here's Lorenzo scribbling away ... Neill and Sarah are sharing a joke about flatcaps.

Garen is a hard working soul. He didn't move from this position all weekend (except to ask the name of the person that he was dedicating the book to) and kept The Rainbow Orchid sketches coming.

We often bump into friends from the industry at these events and so it was delightful to spend some time joking about with the mighty Steve White (comic creator and editor for Titan). Here's a shot of Lorenzo striking a "who cut the cheese?" pose while Steve does his very best to ignore him. And the cheese.

Lorenzo was only around for the Saturday, so Sunday morning I had a little time to walk the floor and take a few pics before the hoards entered for round 2.

Look what I found .... A DELOREON! But are the hover boards even better than the car?

This is probably one of the best shows in the UK for STUFF. I was very nearly kicked out of the show for diving headfirst into this sea of plushies. It was worth it to see the angry stallholder waving a three-foot cuddly Zelda in the air as I legged it back to our stand. 

But for all it's ups, the weekend had a single, extremely amusing down (in hindsight, that is). On Sunday - having enjoyed a little too much Saturday night hospitality from some dear friends - I awoke an hour early because I'd completely forgotten about the clocks going back. I then spent the rest of the day feeling extremely tender, a situation that was made MUCH worse by the japanese drum troupe that decided to set up camp one metre from my throbbing head. They played every hour ON the hour and if it wasn't for the god-like Neill Cameron and his generous application of coffee, I would not have survived.

And yes, Neill, it WAS a unique cup holder.

Yet survive I did, and we'd like to thank every fan and friend, new and old, who came over to say hi and pick up a book. You guys keep us going, keep us creating and continue to spread the good word about our comic tales. We look forward to seeing you at the next show!

Oh, and last but not least, our good friend Kat Nicholson drew me this rather cool birthday card. Nice alliteration, lady!