Friday 21 December 2012

Merry Christmas from the Etherington Brothers!

Dear readers!

We Etheringtons wish you all a very, VERY merry Christmas! To capture the feeling we get at this time of year, we turn to the great Bill Watterson, whose skills for illustrating the simple pleasures in life as they really are were never greater than when Calvin and Hobbes were knee deep in freshly fallen snow, or curled up by a toasty fire after a hard day's adventuring! There is no gift greater than the company of a friend with whom to go exploring!

Lorenzo and Robin

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Friday 14 December 2012

THREE weeks until Long Gon Don Book 2...!

That's right, adventure fans! We Etherington Brothers will return to The Phoenix in issue 53 with a massive, epic new Long Gone Don adventure! Get ready.....!


Thursday 13 December 2012

Give the gift of FUN this Christmas ... part 2!

With only 12 days to go before stockings are un-stocked, presents become pasts, and crackers fall silent, it seems appropriate to offer up another gift idea ... or four!  If like us, the thought of tussling with hundreds of stressed shoppers for that perfect surprise brings you out in a cold sweat, help is now at hand courtesy of the Etherington Brothers one-stop-graphic-novel-shop.  If you can't find something to love here, then it doesn't exist! Ha!

1) For the ADVENTURER in us all...


"...a manic, full on adventure serial, heavy on the laughs and with some very nice, suitably kinetic artwork." (Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet Blog)

2) For the armchair DETECTIVE in us all...


"With it's strong sense of pace and drama, Baggage shows the Etherington Brothers' reputation as creators of great comic stories, told equally skillfully in words and pictures, going from strength to strength." (Julia Eccleshare The Guardian)

3) For the ART LOVER in us all...


"It is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful books I've ever seen." (Jamie Smart, creator of Fishhead Steve, Bunny vs. Monkey, Bear, Genie, Whubble, Pre-Skool Prime Minster and a billion other comics)

4) And lastly, for the UNDERDOG (or rabbit) in us all...


"One of the very finest comics I have ever read." (Regie Rigby, Comics Bulletin)

Click a cover or a title to be instantly transported to the relevant shopping portal, and BAM - you've just solved your Christmas shopping conundrum.  Everyone will love you and balance will be restored to the universe.  And all from the comfort of your armchair!

More gift ideas coming SOON, in part 3...

Monday 10 December 2012

Brand New Monday Art: Six new ROBOT sketches...

More doodles from my sketchbook to start the week! If you or someone in your life likes this sort of thing you may be interested in gifting them my monster 600 page sketchbook - it makes a great Christmas gift and guarantees hours of eyeball-filling fun!


Wednesday 5 December 2012

Give the gift of FUN this Christmas ... part 1!

Way back in January, The Phoenix comic took to the air for its inaugural flight.  Every week since, the adventures of Bunny Vs Monkey, Pirates of Pangaea, Cogg and Sprokit, Simon Swift, Von Doogan, Corpse Talk, Star Cat, Long Gone Don, and DOZENS of equally amazing marvels have flown through countless letterboxes across the country and into the minds of our audience - the kids.

NOW you can make that present a part of the Christmas tradition as the comic has just launched it's special PHOENIX GIFT BOX!

It you are looking for the dream stocking filler for your own child, or a prefect pressie for a brother, sister, grandson, granddaughter, cousin, friend (or even yourself), this is the pack for you.

Aside from five awesome issues of the comic, you will also receive a bonus mini-comic, badges, sticker set and postcards - allowing you to spread the good word about this amazing comic even further!

It's pure fun in a box. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a gift set HERE and fill someone's Christmas with giggles.