Wednesday 29 April 2015

It's time to play the music ... it's time to light the lights...

It's time to meet the, er, creators on the Phoenix show, um, at the weekend.

Well, that didn't work. But the sentiment was there ... it's PARTY TIME!

All tickets for this forthcoming weekend's action have now been snapped up. Sorry, stragglers, but it's true. You snooze you lose out.

The Phoenix comic's 3rd dedicated annual event is rapidly becoming one of the hottest on the comic calender. And it's the only festival aimed solely at children. A true celebration of comics, comic-making and creativity unlike any other.

For those of you lucky enough to be heading to Oxford this weekend, the line up of talent on hand to give advice, encouragement and great dollops of giggles is prodigious.

Neill Cameron, Laura Anderson, Adam Murphy, Jamie Littler, Sally-Jane Thompson, Jess Bradley, Gary Northfield, James Turner, Jamie Smart and yeah, us two loons.  And that's not to mention all the other creators and editors and Phoenix staff and friends who'll be helping to make this weekend the biggest and best show ever.

Bring your laughter and your imagination and get ready for the fun - see you all on Saturday!

Friday 24 April 2015

Plant and Flower Design Week part 5/5 - BONUS!

Okay, folks, here's the full set of designs in one handy place (click the image to get the BIG file!):
And as a nice Friday bonus, here's an additional 68 tree designs that you may have missed when I posted them up a few years ago:

Those can also be downloaded by clicking the thumbnail below:
More soon!


Thursday 23 April 2015

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Plant and Flower Design Week part 3/5

Some thin stemmed concepts today. When designing like this I tend to focus on one element (gesture line of the stem, leaf rigidity, quantity of foliage, grouping of flowers, etc, etc) and set that as the main focus in my rough, pushing that element as far as I can to help define and contrast one plant against another. If you have a clear vision on one key element, all the the other details of the design will fall into place around it more naturally.


Monday 20 April 2015

Plant and Flower Design Week part 1/5

All this week here on the Etherington Blog I'm going to be showing you a ton of new plant, flower and foliage design ideas!

Here's the first set, enjoy!


Monday 13 April 2015

Epic Von Doogan and Sketchbook fanart!

Hey guys, wanted to show you two cool pieces of fan art from a couple of our young readers that we received recently. The first is from Rosie Bee Kim, who drew this amazing Von Doogan head shot...!
And the second is a take on the Kickstarter print (also seen as this blog's header) by Ethan Hulme - EPIC...!
It means so much to see our stuff re-drawn by these young fans, so thank you guys, you made our week!


Wednesday 8 April 2015

Great new Von Doogan review on Bookzone!

The fine folks at Bookzone4boys have been good enough to review Von Doogan and the Curse of the Golden Monkey, and you can read the full review HERE!

And talking of Von Doogan, I have a fantastic piece of fan art from a young Dooganeer coming up, so stay tuned!


Tuesday 7 April 2015

Come see us at this year's Hay festival!

HEY! We're proud to announce that we'll be returning to one of our favourite festivals, the Hay Book Festival this May for an epic show! To quote the programme:

"The Etherington Brothers will take you on a roller coaster journey through the mystical arts of storytelling and character creation, showing you how to explore the power of your imagination. Don’t miss this high-octane show packed full of belly laughs and surprises."

Sounds fun, huh? Well, you can get your tickets NOW by going right HERE!

See you there!

Friday 3 April 2015

Science Fiction Character Head Design Week Part 4/4

Here you go, folks, rounding off the week, the entire collection in one easy-to-download place, just click the image below to get the big version. Cheers!