Monday 30 April 2012

Watch the Etherington Brothers on Big Book Babble TV!

Exciting news, pals! We Etheringtons will be appearing on the AWESOME book show for kids - Big Book Babble on Tuesday 12th June! Robin and I will be discussing all things comics and books on the show, which is filmed at the Arts Theatre in London's West End and is presented by ace comedian James Campbell,  to a LIVE studio audience of young readers. Previous guests have included Anthony Horowitz, Cressida Cowell, Jaqueline Wilson and Charlie Higson, to name but a few, so we're in VERY good company!

GO HERE to learn more about the show and catch up on previous episodes, and put yourself forward to be in the audience!


Friday 27 April 2012

When Backwell bakes ... well ... they bake WELL!

Let me start by apologising to you all. That, right there in the title, is some simply unforgivable punning. This morning we visited a lovely school called Backwell, just outside Bristol. And yes, they baked us some rather amazing Chocolate brownies. But is that enough to excuse my attempt at 'humour'? I'm not sure.

Trust us when we say these babies tasted as good as they look!

Every school approaches their pre-visit, pre-show hype in a unique way. Backwell made this rather awesome board that filled almost one entire wall of their library. Incredible!

And so it was on to the show, and the students were ready to have fun. Our performances are always quite physical but this time I found myself bouncing around the stage so much that the camera only had time to focus on my tshirt!

Things calmed down a little for the book signing during which I attempted to convince the kids that my phone is special. They were NOT impressed.

Thanks to Anne Gibson and all the staff of Backwell School for making us feel so welcome. We'll see you next month for another workshop with three new classes ... and hopefully some more of those brownies!

Thursday 26 April 2012

Back from New York City!

Yes-yes! I'm back from New York, and what a time I had kicking around the Big Apple with my lady!
Lots of pancakes, bagels, pizza, etc etc. Basically aces! Took about a ba-zillion photos, but only time to show these few due to big work now on the final chapters of Long Gone Don's first adventure!

More zzzoooon!


Friday 20 April 2012

Edinburgh 2012 is going to be HUGE!

As you may by now be aware, we're big fans of sharing our secrets with the creators of tomorrow - and by that I mean we like talking to large school groups! We visit schools all around the country and take immense pleasure in firing kids' imaginations. Which is why it is an utter delight to be invited to take part in the schools lineup for fantastic events like the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

The physical and digital programme for August's RBS Schools Programme has just dropped and it's crammed with goodies. You can download your copy HERE!

But wait a second ... what's that I spy on the top right hand corner of the cover ... could it be ... no ... yes ... it is! It's Sid and Rivet!

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!! And if that wasn't enough to make us jump for joy then the blurb for our show certainly does the job, as it features the blush-inducing opening line, "After their storming performance last year, The Etherington Brothers return..." 

But I'm not sure what we were thinking when those pics were taken...

If you are lucky enough to attend a local school then we may well see you at the show.
Tickets go on sale on Monday 23rd April and you can grab yours HERE!

For those of you who do not, the good news is that we'll be hosting a public show, as part of the RBS Children's Programme, on Saturday 27th August.
Tickets don't go on sale until 29th June, but that just gives you more time to get excited, yes?

Thursday 19 April 2012

Prepare for the Return of Long Gone Don!

The second part of the first Long Gone Don season is about to get underway courtesy of the mighty Phoenix comic, and to celebrate the return of everyone's favourite kid adventurer, we've nabbed the cover for issue 16!!!

If you've already got a subscription, THIS baby is about to drop on your doormat...

What a corker. Those of you yet to join the Phoenix party will find this a perfect point to jump on board. Issue 16 is an all-action special, with Don and Castanet (his talking crow buddy) on the brink of doooooooom at the hands of the nefarious General Spode. Can our heroes escape to live another day? You'll have to grab a copy to find out. I mean, just look at all the other magic trapped between the pages:

And for the collectors among you, Issue 16 marks the third Lorenzo cover. Here's the full selection so far - have you got the lot?

The Phoenix is available from all Waitrose stores around the country.
A subscription to the comic can be ordered HERE, in 5-issue, 12-issue, 6-month or 1 year bundles!

Go on ... treat yourself ... then treat a friend!

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Comics and Cakes make the world go round!

The Lost and Found tour recently arrived in sunny North Somerset, at the invitation of The Churchill Academy. We were due to speak to a number of classes, starting with a full session in the main hall for the entirety of year 8.

Now I don't care what anyone thinks, the sight of 260 12-year-olds crammed into a hot room on the very last day of term before the Easter break is enough to give even the most seasoned of performers the willies!  But Lorenzo and I are professionals (ahem) and the kids were amazing. Truly one of our funniest shows, and most enjoyable visits to date ... but do I say that every time?


There was even some news coverage - I wonder how many local newspapers our silly mugs have appeared in now?...

The effort that some schools take over their author visits leaves us speechless. Melanie McGilloway set a new high standard with her phenomenal displays, pre-visit prep and best of all a tray of Rocky Road cakes ... needless to say we stuffed ourselves full to bursting! Wow...

Many thanks to Melanie and all the staff and pupils of Churchill who helped make this visit such a pleasurable experience. We look forward to returning in the future!

Friday 13 April 2012

Unseen Long Gone Don Character Design

A little delve into the Long Gone Don archives this morning, this was my original character concept for Bo Barley, which ultimately got ditched during the early design stages. If you like this sort of thing, and you'd like to see 140 pages more of it, then you really should read THIS!


Thursday 12 April 2012

Bristol, Hay and Birmingham Festival Tickets now on sale!

Yes, the festival season is upon us and tickets for three of our big upcoming events are now on sale.
Our Lost and Found tour continues and, in chronological order, the party starts with our 25th comic show appearance at the Bristol Comic Expo on May 12-13th.

Returning to the venue that witnessed the beginning of our career with Malcolm Magic issue 1 (all the way back in 2004) we'll be setting up our store of wonders in the Passenger Shed, right next to the Bristol Temple Meads main station. Come down and say hello and try and bag yourself one of Lorenzo's ultra limited sketchbooks!

Bristol Comic Expo - 12th-13th May - Single day & weekend tickets available HERE!

Next up is the world famous Hay Festival! 

Coincidentally this year marks another big 25, as it's the 25th year that the Hay festival has filled the Welsh countryside with some of the world's greatest thinkers and writers and performers ... and US!

After last year's tomfoolery we were rather amazed to be asked to return. That said we're heading back with a killer show for anyone lucky enough to catch our public performance (we'll be doing two school workshops earlier in the week but they're already full). Book now to get your hands on our limited tickets - only 200 available and they're going fast!

The Hay Festival - Saturday 2nd June - Tickets to our public show available HERE!

Last, but by no means least, is the Birmingham Young Readers festival.

Last year we held three events in a single afternoon but this time we'll be bringing the audience together for one MAMMOTH show. It promises to be an absolute blast, so get online now and pick up a ticket.

Young Readers Festival - Saturday 9th June - Tickets to our public show available HERE!

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Mini-feature on the Phoenix in last week's Waitrose Weekend paper...

Credit to Editor Ben Sharpe for the photo! If you look really closely you can get a sneak-peek at the next Long Gone Don cover!


Tuesday 10 April 2012

Two new recruits to Von Doogan's Army!

At ease, soldier! It's time to announce the latest two members of Von Doogan's Army! Let's see who did what...

Puzzle number 11: ‘The Crate Escape’ 
- solved by TED ANTROBUS
Puzzle number 12: ‘The Big Bluff’
- solved by HETTY MENTZEL

Congratulations both! And be sure that YOU keep up with Doogan as he continues his adventure on board the mystery ship Ramona, every week only in The Phoenix!


Thursday 5 April 2012

New 140 page sketchbook! Only 25 copies available, EVER!

Yes, El Sketchbook Lorenzo Volume 6 is nearly here! This book will not be made available online, so if you aren't going to be at the Bristol comic con, then your only way to grab a copy will be to bid on the sketched and signed ebay copy I'll be auctioning. This single copy auction will be available for worldwide delivery.

UPDATE! Auction is now running! GO HERE to bid and WIN!

More news soon!