Friday 29 October 2010

Thank Comics it's Friday - New Review!

When we were kids, Lorenzo and I would look forward to Friday with, well, child-like joy.
Friday was pocket money day ... although this was later moved to Saturday (even at seven, we were learning to roll with the swings and shifts of high finance).
Friday night was chocolate bar night (Curly Wurly or Crunchie please!)
Friday was also, best of all, comic book day!
We each had an order at the local newsagent - Lorenzo his Beano, and me, Battle Action Force - and our comics would be sitting behind the counter, reserved for our greedy mitts.

They were great days. Filled with the innocent celebration of sequential action and comedy.

Who'd have guessed that many MANY years later, we'd be making comic books that look like this...

... or receiving fantastic reviews for Monkey Nuts like THIS from writers/reviewers like Steve Holland over at Bear Alley.

A little taster ... "the ceaseless banter between Sid and Rivet will keep any kid amused and entertained."

And our favourite line ..."There's plenty here for adults who want to unleash their inner ten-year-old: it's pacy, it's funny and it deserves a place on your shelves."     

Speaking as a couple of kidults who never let their ten-year-old self escape - this is high praise indeed.

We're getting that Friday feeling all over again...

Halloween weekend sale! 20% off until 1/11/10

Okay folks, you're gonna have to move fast to take advantage of this one! We're offering you 20% off my giant 600 page El sketchbook Lorenzo Deluxe collection and/or Malcolm Magic Big Kahuna Collection until 01/11/2010. That's a massive £4.99 off the sketchbook alone! Just GO HERE, choose the books you want and enter the code "GHOST" at checkout to make your lovely big saving! You're welcome!


Thursday 28 October 2010

Funkids Select Monkey Nuts as their Book of the Week!

Well, this is an honour indeed! Fun Kids, the superb children's online radio station, have selected Monkey Nuts and the Diamond Egg of Wonders as their book of the week for older readers!


In their own words, Sid and Rivet's debut adventure is a "fun, fast-paced graphic novel that is packed with detail and bags of laughs."

And who are we to disagree?

You can go HERE for the full article - thanks, Funkids!

Come see us at the London MCM Expo this weekend!

Hey folks, just a quick one to let you know that we'll be appearing at the London MCM Expo this Saturday and Sunday. We're on a table with the awesome Neill Cameron, (whose DFC Library book comes out today - get it HERE!) so stop by, pick up a copy of Monkey Nuts, or Malcolm, or our Giant Sketchbook, get it signed and have a chat!

Oh, and if you want a sketch in your book (like the one below), be sure to come see us on the Saturday, as I won't be there on the Sunday!

See you at the show!


Tuesday 26 October 2010

It's Robin's BIRF-DAY!

Whoop! There'll be no comics made today by us Etheringtons, 'cos it's Robin's big fun b-day! Happy Birthday bro! You ROCK! Here's a little pic of how we started this morning, out in the roof gardens here at castle Etherington.

Bagsy the first glass of cheese and prune punch!

Left to right it's Mimi, Robin and I (Esty's taking the photograph).

Monday 25 October 2010

Some days there are just too many exciting things to share. I have just received through the post, my very own copies of a new series of books created by Pearson Education, in partnership with the DFC.

The BUG CLUB is a new range of books aimed at Primary School classes. It's been produced as a whole-school reading program and consists of over 200 books, including 10 comic books.

Best of all, I'm lucky enough to have work in TWO of these beauties.

Both tales have been adapted from the Strange, Strange World of Weird series I co-created for the DFC comic with our good friend and talented scribbler, Zak Simmonds-Hurn

The first is the Lime Comic entitled Monstrous Trouble, and tells the tale of a large beast with a sweet tooth.

The second is Mirror Magic, a tale of spooky goings-on in a creepy funfair.

If anyone wishes to learn more about the series, or how to order these incredible books for your local primary school, simply head over to the SNEAK PEEK section of the Bug Club site.

Yep, comics have NEVER been so much fun ... especially when schools are using sequential Etherington adventures as a teaching aid!

Superb Monkey Nuts Review!

Here's a positive way to start a new week. Following a fantastic event at the Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival (more on this soon) we were lucky enough to meet Darren Hartwell who runs The Book Zone, a great online review site focusing on top books for boys.

We were delighted that not only had Darren read and reviewed Monkey Nuts and the Diamond Egg of Wonders, but he'd also thoroughly enjoyed it!

To read Darren's completely awesome review in all it's magnificence, go HERE!

Sunday 24 October 2010

Fuff and Gobble FAN ART!

Well, how's this for awesome?! Our exceptionally talented friend (and all-round comics superstar) Kat Nicholson has gone and done a suuuuuper-cool piece of Fuff and Gobble fan art! Whoop! Click the pic to go see the whole image in Kat's awesome Gallery!


Friday 22 October 2010

Friday Comic! Fuff and Gobble!

Morning Gobblers! It's Friday! The end of the week is within spitting distance so we thought we'd help kick-start your weekend with something small and refreshingly palatable in the shape of a NEW FREE COMIC! May we proudly present, for the benefit of your eyeballs' questionable enjoyment, Fuff & Gobble!

Click the pick to go LARGE!

P.s. and don't forget to be at the Crystal Palace book festival tomorrow to come and get involved in our FREE comics making workshop! Details HERE!

Thursday 21 October 2010

The name Sarah McIntyre pops up a lot in the world of children's books and comics (and often on this blog) and that's because she is both talented and prolific - a heady combination. We Etheringtons have been lucky enough to work alongside Sarah in both the DFC comic and now the library series. Earlier this month Sarah launched her first DFB graphic novel, Vern and Lettuce, and what an utterly charming work of wonder it is!

Sarah turned up at the BICS comic show last Saturday - before winging her way to the Cheltenham Book Festival (honestly, her tour schedule makes ours look relaxed!) - and was kind enough to sign a copy of her superb volume. Like Lorenzo, Sarah believes in giving her readers something extra special ... what a dedication!

As for the book itself, well it's packed full of beautiful pages and charming, amusing stories of a sheep and a rabbit making their way in a difficult world. If you are looking for sumptuous design and heartwarming story telling, then Vern and Lettuce is the perfect book - and did I mention pretty? Cor...

We'll be appearing with Sarah at the Crystal Palace Book festival this Saturday, so be sure to drop by and grab both our graphic novels!

And remember ... THE WHOLE DAY IS FREE!

Wednesday 20 October 2010


A little break-down of a page from our new book Monkey Nuts. Have you got your copy yet? Get it anywhere in the world delivered for FREE right HERE! Whoop! Or you can always get it on Amazon if you so wish!


Tuesday 19 October 2010

Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival & Interview!

So we're off again this Saturday on another comic jaunt, bringing joy and laughter and sequential delights to the masses ... well, everyone who's lucky enough to catch our workshop and signing at the Crystal Palace Book Festival, that is!

And the best news of all .... the entire day is completely FREE!

The poster above was created by our good friend and fellow comic creator, Sarah McIntyre who will also be appearing at the festival alongside many other master craftsman like Garen Ewing and Gary Northfield

Our workshop starts at 12 midday and I think we'll be able to squeeze in some signing time after the talk.

And to keep you going till then, here's an Etherington Brothers interview with festival co-ordinator and all round literary talent, Alex Milway, who delightfully describes us as "a highlight of our festival" (we didn't pay him to say that - honest)

... READ ON for the fun!

Monday 18 October 2010

British International Comics Show Report

There are a surprisingly large number of comic conventions and shows in the UK, considering the relative size of our comic industry and population. Bristol, Leeds and London all host fantastic one or two day events, and the BICS annual show in Birmingham is definitely one to attend. Countless professional authors and illustrators descend upon the city - including Jonathon Ross discussing his new series, 'Turf' - as well as a small army of independent creators including two of my favourite self-published titles, Candleman and Dexter's Half Dozen.

All in all, it's a pretty special weekend.

We've now been exhibiting at BICS since the inaugural show in 2007, which made Saturday's unveiling of Monkey Nuts to the comic public even more special.

Here's Lorenzo smiling with joy, surrounded by lots of lovely books.

For those of you yet to complete your collection (what are you waiting for!!!) the goodies lovingly displayed on our table are The Big Kahuna Malcolm Magic collection (320 pages of nonstop action and gags), the El Lorenzo Sketchbook Deluxe Collection (600 cram-packed pages of Lorenzo's artistic genius covering the last five years of scribbling) and of course, the mighty Nuts!

One of the nicest things about attending these conventions is meeting NEW readers and BICS was no exception. Young or old, male or female, rich or poor, we lured them all in with the infallible promise that owning Monkey Nuts guarantees long life.*

Here's a new fan, Jack, pictured at the start of his new loooooooooooong life.* 

Before we head off to begin preparation for the Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival, I just wanted to let you in on a little secret - the REAL, genuine, number one reason to track us down at a show, a convention, a bookshop signing or just randomly on the street.

Take a look at this... 


This is a sketch Lorenzo added to the inside front cover of his Deluxe Collection for a fan on Saturday.
EVERYBODY who picked up a copy of that book walked away with a different, original slice of sheer comic loveliness adorning their prized possession. True awesomeness in picture form.

So I guess that means we'll be seeing you all soon then ... yes?

(*long life not guaranteed.) 

How To Train Your Dragon - Work in Progress

Hey guys, thought I'd start this morning with a little unfinished sketch. Wanted to do a piece to express my absolute LOVE of Dreamwork's masterful How to Train Your Dragon, easily one of my films of the year and unquestionably my favorite CG feature film of all time, by a LONG way.

As many of you will know, both Robin and I have worked for Dreamworks in the past, and we were both so pleased to see this classy movie get such an awesome and well-deserved reception.

I thought about doing one of the dragons from the movie, but then I decided it'd be more fun to make up one of my own. So I did! Hope you enjoy my scribbly lines!


Sunday 17 October 2010

A little Sunday love

So, we had a great time at the Birmingham con yesterday, report to follow from Robin in the next few days. In the meantime, as it's a peaceful sunny Autumn Sunday here in Castle Etherington, I thought I'd post up a little pic I drew for my girl...


Thursday 14 October 2010

A few more shots from the Monkey Nuts book Launch

Hey folks, appologies for the lack of new art this week, I'm right in the middle of the last page of Baggage, so I'm a bit distracted! In the meantime, check out a few more pictures from the Monkey Nuts launch night, courtesy of Jen Smith and Sarah McIntyre. You can read their write ups from the night HERE and HERE respectively!


Wednesday 13 October 2010

School Visit News Roundup!

A little flurry of press and kind words followed our delightful tour back in September and I thought, as today is a bit gloomy, I'd share some highlights to brighten things up.

To start off, a lovely reporter from the mighty Formby Times attended one of our school workshops and was kind enough to advertise our little expedition with a piece in the newspaper -  you can find the web version HERE for your delectation.

Merchant Taylors (whose logo wonderfully demonstrates harmony in the animal kingdom, as two camels worship a sheep) have posted a special report, with pic, all about our trip to their really rather impressive, Hogwarts-style school. You can read it HERE.

Important note: we never said we'd worked on all those movies - comics based on the movies, yes, but not the films themselves!

Quernmore Primary School, located on the edge of the forest of Bowland, deep in the beautiful Lancashire hills, were even kind enough to send us a letter saying how much they enjoyed the visit. Here's a little highlight from headteacher, Sarah Baines:

"It has been a delight to see children tucked away in various nooks and crannies in and around school, pouring over your book and chortling with laughter. What has been even more exciting to see is children wanting to have a go for themselves, particularly the reluctant writers."

Wow ... you can keep your fancy trinkets and awards - if THAT isn't high praise I don't know what is.

More news as it breaks!

Monday 11 October 2010

Etherington Vs. Etherington, Comic Book Giveaway and MORE!

Happy Monday, folks! May your day be filled with sunny Autumnal cheer.
But if it hasn't been and isn't - and let's be honest, Mondays are pretty terrible things - then we've a pile of stuff to slap the grin back on your face courtesy of our friends over at the Reading Zone.

In a stroke of genuine originality, the lovely team over at the Reading Zone - a site dedicated to helping young people, parents & adults and teachers to find out about amazing children’s books - contacted us to ask if we'd be up for an interview with a twist ... I was to interview Lorenzo! With no constraints we sat down and began and you can read the entire thing HERE!

Prepare yourself to discover the answers to such probing questions as Where did Napoleon keep his armies? and Which does Lorenzo prefer, Chocolate or Cheese?
You'll also find out what would happen if Lorenzo was dropped into a vat of lava.

The sharp eyed among you will also notice that before the chit chat begins there's a competition to win one of three copies of Monkey Nuts and the Diamond Egg of Wonders in a GIVEAWAY!

To be entered into the draw to win not just our book but a full set of DFC graphic novels, simply email 'Monkey Nuts' to along with your name and age (kids, remember to check with your parents first!)
The competition closes on 31st October so you'd better get your skates on.

Our full Reading Zone page can be found HERE!

Come see us at the Birmingham Comic con this weekend!

I just wanted to remind you that we will be appearing at the Birmingham Comics Show this coming Saturday (16th Oct). Although it's a 2-day show we'll only be there on the Saturday, due to work commitments on our new book series. We will have a limited stock of all our titles, so be sure to get there early to avoid disappointment! Come along, pick up a book or two, get us to deface it with sketches/dedications and have a good ole' chat about all things COMIC!

Sunday 10 October 2010

Saturday 9 October 2010

The Kew Bookshop goes APE for Monkey Nuts!

Time to set the scene ... or should we say, dress the window! LOOK AT THAT BEAUTY!

 Early on Thursday evening Lorenzo and I (accompanied by our good ladies) arrived at the Kew Bookshop in London to discover that the wonderful owners, Mark and Isla, had created a monumental Monkey Nuts display that completely filled one half of their entire shop front.

And if that wasn't cool enough then imagine our joy to discover that it had been up for five weeks!

We began the night by reassuring a large number of children (including most of a cub scout troop) that they would eventually grow to be as tall as us (see picture above) while we signed lots of books for those early birds who couldn't stay for the whole evening. Bowls of monkey nuts (real, actual monkey nuts) were consumed along with drinks aplenty.

Then David Fickling, our mighty editor and friend, took to the floor and gave a rabble-rousing speech followed by some daft words from yours truly.

To hear the words trickling from our mouths here's a video of the whole affair (courtesy of the uber talented Sarah McIntyre).

A quick glass raised and it was back to the signing desk where we spent the rest of the night chatting and giggling and signing and drawing and generally having a wonderful time. I mean ... look at the pile of books we were still working on at 9:30!!!

Huge thanks to everyone who went out of their way to join us for the party and especially to David, Lauren, Mark and Isla for creating such a memorable evening! Here's to the next one!

We've got BIG plans for Baggage...

For another comprehensive, eloquent and really rather marvelous report of all the launch action (including more pics) head over HERE! Many thanks to super fan's Josh and Jen for traveling so far and writing such a phenomenal piece about the eve. We're just glad you guys had fun!

United Agents sign The Etherington Brothers!

What a week of news this has been! I know we've a super huge blog to pop up about our fantastic Monkey Nuts launch party jamboree thing but first ... a little business of the most awesome kind.

We've been waiting for the ink to finally dry (blast these cheap pens) but we are now DELIGHTED to announce that the Etherington Brothers have joined forces with the mighty literary and talent agency, United Agents.
We are now represented by the completely excellent and totally lovely Jodie Marsh.

Jodie is a perfect match for our crazy little partnership. Her boundless enthusiasm for fostering new talent in the world of Children's books has already snared an impressive roster of talent including two former DFC luminaries, Jamie Smart and James Turner and we are looking forward to producing some wonderful books together.

Best of all ... we get our very own page on the agency site! Just like Ricky Gervais!

Thursday 7 October 2010

There's something in the Alley's pic is one from the myriad of projects I have going at the moment. Can't tell you much more about it right now, just keep your eyes and ears open for more news soon!


Wednesday 6 October 2010

Clone Wars Magazine Hits America - Etherington Interviewed on!

Let's start this blog with a suitably BOLD  image ... just to get everyone in the right frame of mind.

That's better.

Yes, it's a bold brave new world as the Etheringtons finally land on American soil. Yesterday, 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine' hit newsstands across the States, allowing our colonial cousins the first opportunity to enjoy the successful UK comic.

Revamped to a 52-page, bi-monthly format, issue one features the story 'Droid Deception', a cracking tale packed with action, adventure and Jedi tomfoolery in deep space ... and best of all it's written by ME!

To celebrate the launch, have interviewed me alongside talented artist and all round good guy, Andres Ponce, and you can read the whole thing for free HERE!

You'll discover my favourite moments from the animated series so far, which character I'm most like and loads more.

If you live in America and are yet to pick this beauty up, you can subscribe by clicking this LINK.

There are lots and lots of Etherington tales to come so don't miss an issue!



Because drawing robots NEVER gets boring...


Tuesday 5 October 2010

National Geographic Wants You to WIN Some Nuts!

Looking for a cheap ... nah ... FREE way to get your mitts on our latest comic adventure?
Tired of waiting for that Monkey Nuts loving fan to return your local library's only copy? 

Well, fear not, kids - help is at hand!

National Geographic Kids magazine have teamed up with Random House to offer a simply AMAZING competition.

To be in with a chance to win one of EIGHT sets of DFC Library books (including Vern and Lettuce and Mobot High) simply send an email to with the subject "comic books" and your answer to the following question:

Q: Which of these things WOULDN'T you find in a library?
1. Books
2. Computers
3. Piglets

(Clue - the correct answer smells like bacon .... hmmmm .... bacon)

The competition closes on the 20th October so ENTER ENTER ENTER before it's too late!

Stranski Character 10 - 2CV!

One to make my ma smile today, as it features a 2CV, a car which us Etherington brothers were driven around in a lot as children! Geeks will notice that the design is a mashup between the pre-war prototype and the 1948 model. Oh, and of course they never made 'em with a scaled down naval cannon bolted on the side! Or with stabilising legs for that matter...!


Monday 4 October 2010

And now for something completely different...

Let's start Monday off with something new, shall we? A little painting today...
Basically just an excuse to draw my beautiful girl in her wedding dress again....


Friday 1 October 2010

Come see us in October!

Hey folks, just a little one to remind you that Thursday 7th is the Monkey Nuts Book launch! Can't wait to see you all there! ALSO, if you want to come and meet us and get some swag signed, we'll be appearing at a few other cons and book festivals through October, check out the image and then GO HERE TO OUR CALENDER to see all the dates. Just click on the event you're interested in to learn more!