Friday, 17 September 2010

There are lots of little moments in the creation and publication and release of a book that make you say, "Holy moly, that's neat," or something less ridiculous.

Well, yesterday on a walk through town with my wife I spotted something we never believed we'd see (but always secretly dreamed about) ... our very own book in a shop window!!!!!!!!

Just look at the pride in my eyes ... er ... well, trust me - behind those shades there's some real pride at work!
The mighty Arnolfini centre is home to one of the most awesome specialist art bookshops in the country.

And there we are in their front window, amusingly positioned next to Will Self's new book!

But there's more! Inside I discovered that Monkey Nuts was being presented on one of their key standup table displays among the serious art and design volumes.

I mean ... does it get any better than that??? Wow...

This, dear readers, THIS is why comics have never been so much fun.

Oh, and if you see Monkey Nuts in a shop near you be sure to snap a pic and send it in - we're always keen to thank those stores that support the exploits of Sid and Rivet!