Thursday, 29 April 2010

Jamie Smart and the Big Sketchbook

So, as you know, we'll be launching our Massive new 600 page Deluxe Sketchbook at the Bristol Comic Expo on Saturday 22nd May.While we were adamant that no copies of the book would go out before that date (the book goes on worldwide release on Monday 24th May), there are some people to whom you never say no!

So when Jamie Smart asked us for an advance copy, and requested we do a little doodle of a few of his characters in it, we said HELL YEAH! Jamie is a long-time Etherington Bros buddy, and not only are we very proud to know a guy as ridiculously talented and prolific as he is, we're also very glad to be able to call him a friend. Jamie has posted up a very lovely blog about the book, and has even posted a load of photos from inside it, so those of you wanting a sneak peek had better check it out HERE!

THEN go check out Jamie's world HERE, it's massive, sprawling and not a little bit weird, just like we like it!

Oh, and Jamie has a very VERY exciting new book coming out from Scholastic in called Find Chaffy, expect a rather special piece of Etherington Bros fan art soon...!