Wednesday, 28 July 2010

When Pen meets Paper - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Today is a GOOD day. And not just because the A-Team movie is finally dropping in the UK and we've got tickets!

Regular readers might recall us mentioning a potential Etherington Brothers illustrated novel series that had been in development for a while. Like every creative endeavor it has taken time to mold this project into the perfect vehicle to satisfy our comic and storytelling sensibilities. We set out to create a series that WE'D have been desperate to read as young boys and our fantastic editor David Fickling has been instrumental throughout the process. It's an absolute delight to team up with David and Random House again and follow Monkey Nuts and Baggage with the first two titles from our forthcoming (ongoing) children's series. 

Yes, that is my actual hand signing the paperwork this afternoon!

So what (baring the NAME of the series) can we share about our latest literary foray?
Will the books be jam-packed with action and adventure? My goodness, yes.
Will the books be filled with page after page of illustrative wonder courtesy of Lorenzo's scribbling paw? Oh, like never before!
Is this a permanent departure from the world of comics? Not in the slightest!

This is an exciting undertaking for our little studio but the fun of sequential storytelling is in our blood. As such these books will contain more than their fair share of speech bubbles and comic panels! 

Young and old alike - you're in for a treat!

(Those with a criminal leaning will be annoyed to discover we've partially deleted, adapted and reconfigured the sig. Ha!)