Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Making Waves - 'Formers style!

Tremble, Pathetic Earthlings, before the might of mighty me - that's MEGATRON!  
(In absolutely no way am I actually Robin masquerading as a Decepticon Overlord.)

I COMMAND you to purchase the latest and greatest issue of Titan's Transformers Comic (available NOW from all good newsagents!) featuring a thrilling story about my loyal lieutenant, Soundwave, and a battle across TIME!

The human artist known as Jon Davis-Hunt has done a remarkable job in capturing the enigmatic power of a Decepticon in flight (as in 'flying' NOT 'running away' ... although he does seem to be running away in a few of the panels....)

And just look at his sonic cannons in action! Truly we are unbeatable!

I don't know who this hack human transcriber, Robin Etherington, thinks he is (he's certainly not ME) but he's recorded the action quite admirably. For a meat bag.

I SHALL RETURN ... when that traitorous Starscream will be up to his old tricks again ... honestly ... why don't I just throw him into the Sun?...