Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Clone Wars Magazine Hits America - Etherington Interviewed on!

Let's start this blog with a suitably BOLD  image ... just to get everyone in the right frame of mind.

That's better.

Yes, it's a bold brave new world as the Etheringtons finally land on American soil. Yesterday, 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine' hit newsstands across the States, allowing our colonial cousins the first opportunity to enjoy the successful UK comic.

Revamped to a 52-page, bi-monthly format, issue one features the story 'Droid Deception', a cracking tale packed with action, adventure and Jedi tomfoolery in deep space ... and best of all it's written by ME!

To celebrate the launch, have interviewed me alongside talented artist and all round good guy, Andres Ponce, and you can read the whole thing for free HERE!

You'll discover my favourite moments from the animated series so far, which character I'm most like and loads more.

If you live in America and are yet to pick this beauty up, you can subscribe by clicking this LINK.

There are lots and lots of Etherington tales to come so don't miss an issue!