Monday, 11 October 2010

Etherington Vs. Etherington, Comic Book Giveaway and MORE!

Happy Monday, folks! May your day be filled with sunny Autumnal cheer.
But if it hasn't been and isn't - and let's be honest, Mondays are pretty terrible things - then we've a pile of stuff to slap the grin back on your face courtesy of our friends over at the Reading Zone.

In a stroke of genuine originality, the lovely team over at the Reading Zone - a site dedicated to helping young people, parents & adults and teachers to find out about amazing children’s books - contacted us to ask if we'd be up for an interview with a twist ... I was to interview Lorenzo! With no constraints we sat down and began and you can read the entire thing HERE!

Prepare yourself to discover the answers to such probing questions as Where did Napoleon keep his armies? and Which does Lorenzo prefer, Chocolate or Cheese?
You'll also find out what would happen if Lorenzo was dropped into a vat of lava.

The sharp eyed among you will also notice that before the chit chat begins there's a competition to win one of three copies of Monkey Nuts and the Diamond Egg of Wonders in a GIVEAWAY!

To be entered into the draw to win not just our book but a full set of DFC graphic novels, simply email 'Monkey Nuts' to along with your name and age (kids, remember to check with your parents first!)
The competition closes on 31st October so you'd better get your skates on.

Our full Reading Zone page can be found HERE!