Wednesday, 22 December 2010

3 days to go ... which is plenty of time for new comic news!

2010 is drawing slowly to a close but we Etheringtons are still squeezing sequential joy from the year, today in the form of a brand new Star Wars adventure!

Hitting newsagent and supermarket shelves all over the UK this week, issue 6.15 of the ongoing Clone Wars comic from Titan features a story of treachery and trickery as Cad Bane tackles another bounty hunter, hell-bent on selling his hide for a very high price.

'Spices and Spies' is a pretty special tale because the main character was actually designed by a competition winner in the monthly magazine. I was asked to incorporate his creation, Sulphurr Cyander, in some small fashion. Perhaps in a walk on part or a background conversation.

But that's not how we Etheringtons roll. I made him the main bad guy for the ENTIRE adventure.

So if you're reading this, Benjamin Dawe from Canterbury in Kent, I hope you got a blast from seeing your creation kicking some bounty hunter butt!

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