Wednesday 15 December 2010

Bigger than the Golden Globes, bigger than the Academy Awards, it's...


Yes, it's true!

Above is the first official artwork from our brand new series, YORE!, which will be making it's early 2011 debut very, very soon, only in The Dandy. We don't want to give too much away (hence the completely non-explanatory pic choice!) but we can reveal that there will be action, adventure, laughs, lots of complaining about stuff, gratuitous cartoon violence by the bone-filled bucketload, er, and a pig.

And if that doesn't get you rushing to the newsagent and placing your order then you're probably reading the wrong blog!

So remember folks, when you're sitting there at home on Christmas Eve feeling jaded because there's nothing on the TV but a rerun of Dr No or Jamie Oliver cooking something ... just remember ... Santa really does exist ... and he'll be bringing you a special gift every single week of the year in technicolour quest-o-vision!