Monday, 13 December 2010

They came, they saw, they bought...

If there's a nicer store than a bookshop to work in around Christmas we want to hear about it!

Having spent a delightful Saturday in Waterstone's, chatting to a million customers about everything and anything related to the world of comics and story-telling, I must share my theory that the mere presence of countless wonderful books creates an extremely special vibe. Outside, the city of Bristol was going mad with panicked gift-buying, but within the walls of Waterstone's the atmosphere was one of serene relaxation.

Poor Lorenzo was on extremely brave duty, as he'd come down with an absolutely rotten cold but NOTHING (short of losing a limb) stops us Etheringtons from sharing a giggle with our readers new and old. And judging from the speed with which books were leaving our table, lots and lots of new readers seemed keen to jump aboard the Monkey Nuts express.

To everyone we met - welcome to the party! There's LOTS more to come.

A thousand thanks to Mark for organising the day, and to the rest of the staff for making us feel so welcome.
We had a great time and can't wait to come back!